Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Little Less Of Me

After a week of Paleo  I am down 4 pounds and I am feeling great!!! What What!!!! I would say 5 because when I weighed myself this morning I was down to 122.3 from 127, but I am afraid it was a fluke or water weight. I wish I had taken some before and after pictures, but for a frame of reference here is a picture from May when I restarted working out and running and i can already tell a difference from then to now. My upper stomach, arms, and legs are the areas I can currently notice a difference and of course the lower mama belly is the #1 area I need to work on, but give me some time and we will get there.

So 7 days of Paleo and I am feeling great! I will admit the the first few days I was pretty hungry and ate all day long, but everything I was eating was protein or fruits and veggies so I was still sticking to my clean diet and I still lost weight! I have learned to carry almonds and and apple pretty much everywhere I go just in case I get hungry and nothing is available that I want or can eat. Basically I look at my new eating habits this way. I will eat healthy and naturally as much as I possibly can, but I will not beat myself up for a Treat Meal (I don't want to call it a Cheat Meal because that sounds so negative) and if nothing 'Paleo" is offered I will make the healthiest choices out of what is available. I actually had two treat meals this past weekend with some of my favorite Alternative Pizza (Olive Oil, Mozzarella, Crushed Basil, Garlic, Fresh Tomato) Friday night and then Sunday morning whilst celebrating my girl's half birthday I enjoyed a New Orleans doughnut from our favorite Donut Shop. I felt fine after the pizza, but the after affects of Sunday's doughnut showed me why I have chose to eat clean. 

It is funny to me that I have created a Paleo Pinterest Board because I could honestly just pin everything to my regular boards because everything I am pinning is just normal food. There isn't anything "Diet" about it because it is foods we would eat every day and since we never have   bread with our meals except spaghetti I am not really changing how I eat I am just making a conscious effort to eat healthier. And now that Brent has been diagnosed with Acid Reflux I guess I need to start planning out all of his meals also.

I haven't really started my meal calendars again, but I plan to definitely make one for February. This week we are keeping things pretty simple with some ground turkey, fish, and chicken. Last night we started with Turkey Tacos or Taco Salad for myself. Tonight Brent grilled some of our TeamD special Italian Dressing Chicken. basically you marinate some chicken in italian dressing and grill it. He had a baked potato as his side dish while I made some home made sweet potato fries. i cut up 2 medium sized sweet potatoes, poured a little vegetable oil on them (We were out of olive oil), sprinkled a little salt, a touch of sugar, and some paprika and baked on 450 until crispyish. I would probably cook them low and slow next time because they got a little burnt, but I honestly like my food a little overdone (fish and chicken need to be dry. Strange I know).

Like I said before these changes haven't been difficult because these are 2 normal meals for us to eat. We don't usually have any bread with our meals except for some garlic bread on spaghetti night (I will save all of that for a Treat Meal). I have only had to review my snack and breakfast choices and I am enjoying the choices I have been making. Instead of freezer waffles I have eggs and a grapefruit or turkey bacon for breakfast and for my snacks I have been eating fresh fruits and nuts. I just made an AMAZING fruit salad last night by dumping all of the berries (black, raspberry, and blueberry), grapes, and apples into a bowl and mixed together some honey and lemon juice. It is AMAZING! Next time I want to try lime juice for a little change. I am also giving this Jillian Michael's Bloat Drink to see if it gives me and even bigger kick start. I am actually enjoying some right now and it is pretty tasty and is a nice substitute to my sugar free juice packets.

So here's to another week eating clean and getting healthy.
Wish us luck and pray we stay safe during tonight's big storms. 


Mrs. K said...

Excellent! =) I wish I had as much willpower as you, but we have bread with pretty much EVERY meal. lol And I will definitely keep ya'll in my prayers for safety from the storms. =)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Way to go!