Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time To Dance

I haven't been around very much, but that is a good thing. Life has seemed a little more important than blogging these days. I have really been enjoying this stage with my girl (except maybe last night when I banished her into the bedroom with her Daddy) and cooking has actually become enjoyable so instead of taking 100,000,000,000 pictures  (I am still taking 100,000,000,000 pictures. I am just not stopping to post them) I have been working on being present in the here and now.

Shockingly my house may not be any cleaner or organized with all of this new found time, but there have been many more dance parties around these parts and there should always be more time for dance parties.

1 comment:

Mrs. K said...

Been thinking about ya'll & your Momma. Hope that all is well in that dept! Yay for more dance parties! =)