Monday, January 14, 2013

Squooshi Review

We have never been a squeeze pouch family since I made all of Mckinley's food when she started eating it. I  just always liked the idea of knowing exactly what was in her food and I hated the idea of all of those plastic wrappers, but I loved how easy and portable they seemed. Then the day cam when I came across Squooshi Reusable Food Pouches and the heavens opened and the angels sang! You see my girl LOVES to eat and she eats almost anything and everything, but she really LOVES soups, yogurt, and apple sauce and if you are a parent you know these are foods that aren't easy to self feed, but now that we have our Squooshi bags I don't have to sit and feed her every single bite or hose her down after a meal. She can do it all by herself!! And with her growing need for independence this is a very big deal.

I actually contacted the Squooshi company and expressed interest in finding out more about their products. A few days later I was enthusiastically contacted back about how excited they were for us to review their product and our Squooshi bags were sent. Now I know there are other reusable pouches out there, but what really drew me to the Squooshi product was that they were created by a real live mom and designed by her dad. I mean come on how cute is that!! I would love to work with my dad, but I am not a genius baby product inventor so I will leave the creating to them.

About a week after contacting Squooshi I skipped to the mailbox and found this awaiting me.

And inside were these Adorable little guys! I couldn't wait for Mckinley to test them out and I immediately gave them  good wash with warm soapy water (after snapping some pictures of course) and filled one up to see how the little lady liked her new bags.

For our first attempt with food pouches we went with No Sugar Added Applesauce and it was definitely a hit. Next we attempted some home made Roasted Tomato Soup. I let the soup get lukewarm before pouring a little into the bag because I didn't want it to 1. burn the girl and 2. melt the bag and it worked perfectly!

She absolutely LOVED the freedom of eating applesauce on the go.

Tomato Soup! Yum!

My favorite part of our Squooshi Pouch is how portable they are. We usually send 1 to daycare everyday and if we will need a snack while out running errands we always throw one in our snack bag because everyone loves some applesauce while shopping at Target right??

Now the only problem we have had so far is that we have found that dancing too vigorously whilst holding and eating out of a Squooshi pouch can make for a messy wall and carpet! What can I say my girl loves to dance and when she gets going there is just no controlling her! Seriously I can't find anything wrong! They are easy to fill, they don't leak, are portable, easy to wash (we just use our bottle brush which fits perfectly down in the zipper end and I like to use tiny little bottle brushes to clean the caps and the neck of the pouch),  and Mckinley loves saying Rwarrrrrrrr every time I pull out the Lion bag.

We love our Squooshi Pouchesand highly recommend you check them out if you:
Make your own baby food
Are always on the go
Like reusable products
Have a food pouch addict and feel like you are spending a fortune on purchasing them every other day
Want to make your life easier

Thank you Squooshi for letting us try out your awesome product!  

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