Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ch Ch Ch Changes and Recipes

There have been some changes to the October calendar and a  few things have been switched around and you can thank my mama and her delicious spaghetti sauce for that. We spent Sunday with my parents and my sister so they could get a little Mckinley time and they could help take her mind off of her potentially broken (it's not broken) toe. If you have eaten my mom's spaghetti, ravioli, or any pasta you know she makes THE BEST home made spaghetti sauce and we ate A LOT! Needless to say neither of us felt like eating stuffed shells and cheese last night so I went ahead and made our Roasted Tomato Soup because there is no way my 3 pints of cherry tomatoes would have lasted 4 weeks. I can honestly say this is one of my new favorite recipes. It was pretty easy to make and it was absolutely delicious topped with some cheddar cheese, sour cream, served with a grilled cheese. Perfect for a cold rainy day. It actually tasted better the second time I ate it at lunch today. 

Tonight we enjoyed the Spinach and Bacon Quiche which was also delicious. It needed a little more egg (I was 1 short) and next time I won't leave out the swiss cheese (forgot that at the store). Besides that it was delicious and I shall be enjoying a big ole piece with some Roasted Tomato Soup tomorrow for lunch.

Now how about some recipes! I get almost everything I cook from the Intranet (that's how I spell it so leave me alone) especially Pinterest because I can save things and if I want something to freeze I can go to my Freeze Me Board or if I want a Crockpot recipe I can look in my Crock Me Board. Some recipes I just make up by throwing a bunch of  stuff together so if there is not a link or attached recipe it probably means that is something I just make up as I go and this month I had a bunch of pre prepared meals my sister had given me when she cleaned out her pantry that needed to be used up to make a little room in our overcrowded pantry.

Before we get started here is my original calendar so you can see the changes I made.

Week 1
1 medium or large roast depending on how many people you are feeding
red potatoes
baby carrots
2 cups beef broth
Worcestershire sauce
2 packs Lipton Onion Soup mix
2 large Tupperware containers
1. Cut roast in half
2. Put 1 piece of roast  into each Tupperware container 
3. Add to each container: Carrots, 1 cup beef broth, generous amount Worcestershire sauce, and 1 packet  of packs Lipton Onion Soup mix.
4. Potatoes don't freeze well so save those for when you put everything into the Crock Pot.
5. Freeze until you are ready to cook.
6. Add potatoes (I like to cut mine in half) and cook on low for 8 hours
7. Eat
Spinach Stuffed Shells

Week 2
Inside Outside Ravioli 
(recipe to come whenever I can get Brent to sit down and write it out)
Chicken Peanut Satay (Box)
Turkey and Quonia Meatloaf With Veggies
I top with my secret bbq sauce recipe which I can not divulge or I would have to kill you,
but you can use the recipe sauce or create your own
Calzones with This

Week 3
Parmasean Tilapia
Inside Outside Ravioli
Chicken Fajitas
(throw some chicken, veggies, and store bought sauce together in a wok)
Turkey Taco Salad
Follow directions on taco seasoning to cook ground turkey
and top with favrite taco toppings

Week 4
Veggie Fried Rice
Throw together some cooked rice, frozen veggies, and sauce
Chicken, Green Bean, and Potato Bake

Week 5

Next month I am challenging myself to only make Crock pot and freezer meals. I am going to work my way through my Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook

Now for a little Mckinley and a giant pile of laundry (I'm not ashamed) in the background to brighten up your Wednesday

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