Sunday, October 28, 2012

Keep On Walkin

Yesterday we walked.

We walked for anyone who has beaten cancer, who is battling cancer right now, or lost their lives to cancer. I pray they develop a cure for this damn disease and . I pray no one else I know ever has to suffer this awful disease. 
I spent Friday evening making our t-shirts , an awesome pink tutu, and I bought some crazy socks and went to bed a little emotional thinking about the reason and the person we were walking for.

It still feels like yesterday Mama called me while I was driving to tell me she had been to the doctor after feeling a rather large lump and they were 99% sure it was cancer, but a biopsy would confirm it. I remember almost holding in my tears as we both quickly hung up with an I love you so much and I will call you in a little bit. These last 7 months have gone by so slow yet so fast. Chemo is finally done, but we have surgery and radiation to look forward too.

This is why we walk. Dressed in pink. Freezing our buns off. Because we all love someone who has been touched by this awful disease. We walk because we have lost someone to this awful disease. We walk because we have hope that someday no other family will go through this.

It was so amazing to see our friends and family come out to walk and those who could not be there, but donated to the cause were there in spirit.  We arrived around 7:30 and huddled together waiting for the "Race" to start. We made our way to the starting line with our Littles bundled up in their strollers and the we were off. It was amazing seeing the hundreds maybe thousands of people walking with us. As we walked through neighborhoods people were cheering us on, playing music, handing out water, and passing out bubble gum. Some people had even decorated their yards to help celebrate. We may have had a few minutes of screaming from a certain Little Lady and Daddy and I might have gotten a really good work out carrying 20 something extra pounds, but it was worth it! The smile on Mama's face when we all crossed the finish line was the whole reason we were walking.

I made each one of us a shirt. Mine said Save a Life Squeeze a boob. Brent's unfortunately turned out to be a women's shirt, but it was my best creation. It said Save a Life Grope Your Life. And Mckinley's of course said Save The Ta Tas F Cancer!!

Sometime I forget how hot my hubby is! You know your jealous!!

Snuggled up and ready to race

 The Race Crew!

A Sea Of Pink!!

Not very happy, but Fig Newtons help a little. Her poor hands were so red and cold, but she wouldn't let me cover her up.

 Boob Scarf!!!

Kinda blurry, but still cute

Finally happy once the hat was off. We had to carry her for about a mile because she was screaming. I guess it counted it as an extra work out carrying an extra 20ish pounds.

Go Karen and Rusty!!

 Do It!

 Stroller Buddies


Love You Mama!!

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