Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pre K Days {Mr. M and Monsters}

{Weekly Wrap Up}
This week we met Mr. M and learned all about Monsters! This went great with last weeks lesson learning about things that are Real and Pretend. Monster are Pretend of course!

We made Monster M's (My Own Creation)

we read Go Away Big Green Monster, retold the story on our  Smart Board, and then each student made their own colored monster and they had to write the whatever color they colored their big monster all by themselves. I was SO proud of how well everyone wrote their color words!

(Printable for monster found Here. It was originally created for a felt monster, but I whited out the directions and created my own craft)

We also read Where The Wild Things Are and made our own  King of The Beasts. Then everyone told us what they like to do when they feel wild.

A super simple craft I came up with to assess my kids cutting skills was a zig zag monster a curved monster and a straight lined monster. I also wanted to see how they followed directions so instead of coloring first I had them cut out, glue, then color their monsters. Simple yet fun

We rolled dice and counted  Monster Eyeballs

We counted Monsters and glued the number into the box. (My Own Creation)

We followed a Monster Glyph and made Shape Monsters. If you are wondering if the dots on the monsters legs are part of the decoration it is actually something I cam up with to try to help my kiddos learn how to accordion fold. I had planned to have dots on one side and stars on the other, but when i tried to copy then double sided it came out all wonky so instead of having them fold dot to dot then star to star we used dot to dot then backwards (this whole sentence is starting to not make any sense).

Non monster related. Everyone worked with Mrs. Cathy and made their own tiny paper bag pumpkin/jack-o-lantern to add to our oh so precious Fall Mural

Now that we have had our fill of Monsters and I have completed all of my Parent Teacher Conferences I think I am finally ready to celebrate Halloween next week. I found some cute stuff on Pinterest and my Awesome Room Mama is making it happen. I just don't like filling my babies with only junk so instead of a party with just candy and cookie we will be having a lunch with mummy hot dogs, pumpkin fruit cups, and white chocolate dipped banana ghosts. Don't worry we will have candy too.

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