Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Month Of Meals {November}

I will admit it this past month I didn't make all of the meals I had on my menu, but it wasn't my fault. I blame all of the people who kept bringing us yummy meals like my Mama and Brent's Mama. Good thing is I can use most of the items I had bought for last month's menu for this month's so nothing goes to waste. I still did pretty good following my menu and once again that is the great thing about menu planning you are never scrambling for a meal and if something comes up you can always save that meal for another day.

When I started planning for this month I had to make sure I account for the week of Thanksgiving. Brent will be out of town the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving and then I have to save some room for any leftovers. I am pretty excited about Brent going out of town even though I won't be able to sleep because I get to make something Brent would eat, but us girl's will enjoy White Chicken Chili. I am also making some Cream of Whatever because he promises he will eat anything as long as it doesn't have any yucky cream of nasty soup in it. That means casseroles people and of course chicken pot pie.

Now on to November's menu.
I am really excited about this month. It is finally cooling off down south and we can finally start making yummy soup to warm us up. I gave myself a challenge this month to only cook Crock Pot or Freezer Meals and I believe I have come up with some pretty good stuff. 

We have hit the store and for the low low price of $168.44 we are ready to do some cooking.
I am sure you are dying to know what I got for my money so here is my list. Next month I want to start using  dried beans instead of canned beans. I have never soaked or cooked with dried beans, but it's like everything else I do. Once I try it I can do it.

Grocery List
8 bell peppers
1 bag yellow onions
1 bag baby carrots
1 bunch celery
1 bag Idaho potatoes
1 lb. ground turkey
1 pork shoulder
1 roast
stew beef
rotisserie chicken
jar enchilada sauce
evaporated milk
non fat dry milk
chicken broth
liquid smoke
lipton onion soup
chili powder
2 cans mixed veggies
2 cans great northern beans
green chilis
shoepeg corn
2 jars Prego spaghetti sauce
mexican rice
homestyle noodles (egg noodles)
macaroni noodles
frozen ravioli
pie crusts (forgot)
shredded colby jack cheese
shredded montery jack cheese
shredded cheddar cheese
shredded mozzarella cheese
sour cream
frozen hash browns
frozen broccoli
frozen green beans
pizza crust
pizza sauce
jiffy corn bread

Baby Tylenol
Cheddar Popcorn
Honey Ham
Honey Turkey
Canned Peaches

I will have to do another post with all of my recipes because I am too darn tired from cleaning to keep going tonight. I spent all day taking apart and cleaning black mold out of my dishwasher. I will spare you the pictures, but imagine a fuzzy plant literally growing inside my dishwasher door. I am still so grossed out right now and high from the cleaning fumes.


Sarah said...

Hi Roxanne - New follower here! Love finding new blogs where there is a toddler a bit older than Drew so I have places to turn to for guidance! Mckinley is just a doll! Feel free to stop by sometime...

Mrs. K said...

Love it! Great job on the grocery budget once again. I don't know how you do it! =)

Roxanne said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for reading! Your little is so precious and you can count me in as a new reader!

Roxanne said...

LOVE the new blog design Ms. K = )I have been keeping with all of your craftiness! The button pumpkins are precious!! I have had so many people tell me I inspired them to meal plan and how easy it has been. I start by making my menu, then my grocery list, and that is it! You can totally do it mama = )

Mrs. K said...

I just saw your response & thank you! I think I'm going to start planning around the weekly circulars/sales. There is no reason we have to spend a fortune on groceries for two people & a little. I would love to even cut our monthly grocery bill in half. I'll keep ya posted. =)