Friday, October 12, 2012

Pre K Days {Ms. K and The Kitchen}

{Weekly Wrap Up} 

This week we met Ms. K and learned all about the kitchen, cooking, and healthy and unhealthy foods. 

We made Chefs and Sorted Cookie Shapes

We made a Pizza Glyph

We Recognized and Highlighted Uppercase Letters (My Own Creation)

and made Kangaroo K's

Thursday we learned about a different type of book called a cookbook. We read recipes in our cookbook and made Blueberry Pancakes and Pretend Soup (a mixture of yogurt, juice, and fruits). Then later that day we had a Share Your Favorite Food Lunch (Idea from Mrs. Nicole our other 4k teacher) where everyone brought their favorite food for their friends to try. Also BIG thanks to my awesome room for coordinating everything so we didn't have 19 mac n cheeses or chicken nuggets. We had a good variety of fruits and veggies, spaghetti and mac n cheese, yogurt and chips and cheese dip. 

School was out today for Fall Break, but the teachers spent the day at a Diocesan Professional day at one of our fellow Catholic schools. I went to 2 sessions where I learned about Developmentally Appropriate Standard-Based Center Activities and another where I learned about Integrating Technology Into The Classroom which was really great because Tuesday when we get back to school we should have brand spanking new SMART BOARDS installed and hopefully ready to go!! Now I am off to watch some YouTube videos on turning on and using your Smart Board.

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