Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Sneak Peak

I wanted to share the cute online invite we sent out for our little Halloween get together. Sorry I had to white out the address. I am kind of freaky about our family being unlisted with the line of work Brent is in.

We shall be going Trick-Or-Treating as the Flintstone's this year so Brent will be Fred, I will be Wilma and Mckinley will be Pebbles. I am almost finished putting together Mckinley's Pebbles outfit. I still need to sew on the black shapes on the back, but it is really coming together. I looked into buying her costume, but I just didn't liee how any of them looked plus I wasn't about to spend $30 for something she would wear once. I wish I had tried to make Brent's costume too, but I since only payed $10 for it so I guess it is ok. I still need to either get the get the supplies to make my costume or run to Target and buy it but you know what it's like being a Mama. Everyone else comes first then you can do stuff for yourself. I will probably just buy it since I have saved so much on the other two costumes already.

The bloomers were just a white pair we already had and I can't remember if I used used  Royal Blue or Navy Blue Powdered R.I.T Dye for $2.00, but whatever it was I used the stove top technique. Then I rinsed it it hot water a bunch f times because they came out much darker blue than I had expected and wanted them. Finally I ran them through a cold wash by themselves to make sure no dye got on anything else. Next time I will not use the entire package, but what else was I going to do with blue dye?

The top is made out of green felt that I bought a yard on sale from Hancock Fabrics for $4.00. I wanted something that would be warm just in case it was actually cold Halloween night. I am not a real sewer so I made this as simple and easy for myself so I cut from the fold so all I had to sew together were the sides of the top. I turned it inside out and just sewed it together. And since fleece doesn't fringe I didn't have to worry about the edges. I already had the black felt for the shapes so my grand total for this costume was $6.00 ! I hand cut and sewed the shapes on in case you were wondering. I also hand made the bone hair clip. I already had the clip and the white felt so I guess you could.say that cost $0. 

If it gets cold I will just throw a white long sleeved onesie underneath and she will be wearing some white leggings and of course her pink converse.

We had to try out the bow now that we can get  a pony!

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