Friday, October 12, 2012

14 Months

Hello my wild, sweet, funny, independent, loud, smart little lady. You are such an individual these days and  you love having your Mckinley time. Everyday when we come home from Mrs. Julie's you sit, pull all of your books, out and just flip the pages. I think you like to decompress after a hard day of playing and being spoiled. You love playing in your room by yourself and I love sneaking in to check on you and you are always patting one of your babies or reading a book. It kind of scares me when you get quiet, but you are usually just really into one of your books.

You are still a mama's girl and you You will bring me my sling so I can put it on and carry you around. You are not scared of strangers anymore and you love when people talk to you and pay attention to you like yesterday at the football game. You went from tent to tent just saying hello. You are out of most 12 month clothes, but your 18 months clothes are still too big which means a lot of sleeve and pant rolling, but we make it work.

 You are even more of a chatter box these days with lots of new words. you say Thank You for everything even when you mean please which you have said a few times. You love helping me unload the dishwasher and each time you hand me a spoon or a Tupperware lid you say Thank You and I mean every time you hand me something you say Thank You. You love saying up and you know exactly what it means because when we are sitting on the couch or bed you will walk over and hold up your arms and say up so we will pick you up so you can sit with us (or pull all of the stuff off of the back of the couch). Recently you have said water, milk, book, achoo, poo poo, shoes, grandpa, dog, go away, and here you go. We are working on saying Noni, Ya Ya, Jen jen, and Julie, but we haven't been very successful just yet. My favorite phrase you say right now is one, two, threeeeeeeeeeeee. It started out ah ah, ah, chooooo and I am really not sure where you got the counting , but it cracks me up every time you do it. You just figure things out so fast and I hope you never lose your drive to figure things out. Don't ever lose your strong willed attitude because I never want you to give up on anything

You still eat absolutely everything, but your favorite food right now is bananas. You also love pasta, chicken, yogurt, soup, spinach, lima beans, corn, pears, carrots, green beans, broccoli, pretty much anything we put in front of you you will eat. We are working on using a fork and spoon, but you usually throw them and start using your hands again. You know what makes eating your food even easier your 6 teeth! 2 bottom front teeth and 6 on top (#6 is just poking through). You  love drinking out of your new big girl cup with no straw. It took you a while to figure it out, but now that you've got it you only want that cup when it is around plus you always want me to hold it while you drink out of it even though you know how to do it yourself you silly girl.

You are just getting over a very slight ear infection that has come after a yucky cold. You were sleeping great until then, but thankfully now that you are feeling better we are all sleeping much better and we all know how much Mama likes her sleep so everyone is happy in our house now.

Your favorite part of the day is bath time. You will literally scream when I turn on the water until I actually put you in the tub. You would stay in there for hours and become a wrinkly pruny raisin if we let you. You splash and love squirting yourself with your starfish and you laugh and scream every time it squirts you. You actually scream when I take you out and I have to let all of the water drain out before even attempting removing you. You love splashing your little feet when the water is almost all gone. I have started blow drying your hair after we are done and you think it is absolutely hilarious. You run around the tiny bathroom and scream and look at yourself in the mirror.

We celebrated daddy's 31 birthday at his favorite restaurant Houston's. You LOVED the ribs!

Sassy Pants

Slinging It

Best Friends

Here mama have some dirt from your plant I pulled off of the fridge.
Cleaning dirt out of the disposal is super fun! Don't mind the pile of dirty dishes.

My little monkey climbing on everything!

Precious girl in a very wrinkly dress



Movie Night with Mama on the pallet.

Baby Photo Bomb!

Her new BFF Mr. Scarecrow

Tiger Baby

 Great Parenting. This is how we keep the bugs away.

Bath time

Park Days

 Big Girl

Silly Girl

Beautiful Lady

Loving Her Monkey

It really is true how fast it all goes by. 14 months have come and gone and I love your more and more each and every day. You are so good, and so sweet, and so absolutely precious.

I love you Sweet Cheeks. Happy 14 Months!

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