Tuesday, October 9, 2012

PreK Days {Ms. Y and Camping}

{Weekly wrap up}

This week met Ms. Y and went camping. We learned how to tell time using clocks, by looking out the window to see if the sun or moon is up, and by the 4 seasons.

We Graphed who had and had not been camping

Paper Plate Camp Fires

Followed Position Word Directions To Create Our own Campsites (My own Creation)

Made Yarn Y's (My own creation)

Followed a Glyph To Make Scarecrows

 Made Clocks (My own creation)

Made Fall Trees in the art center (Mrs. Cathy's creation)

Last, but not least we went on a Bear Hunt and had a Pajama Party!!! Man I am glad the next 2 weeks are short weeks because I am exhausted.

Come on Fall Break!

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