Sunday, October 7, 2012

Starting The Journey.......Again

I am not going to lie. I have been SUPER lazy these past 2 years(hangs head in shame). I am not going to blame it on getting pregnant, taking care of a baby/toddler, or work because if I really wanted to I could have gotten off of my lazy butt and done something. I have been pretty lucky and I have been able to get all of my baby weight off by eating healthy, but it probably wouldn't have taken me a year to do it. My body is still not back to where it was before Baby Girl arrived, but maybe now that I am not sitting on my butt it might someday resemble it's not so amazing glory.

 Sadly I haven't been able to really run since January of 2010 which makes me really sad because all of the training and time I put into it is now lost and I am starting literally all over again. Everything started going downhill when we started trying to get pregnant. I had an issue with cysts which caused me to not be able to run because of  debilitating pain and thankfully my Dr. was right when she said having a baby would probably fix my issues.  I miss running and how it made me feel and even if I can only get out on the weekends that is good enough for me. I keep telling myself it won't get any easier unless I get up and do it and if I have lost this much weight without really trying imagine what I can do if I put in a little effort (as I sit here eating a chocolate oatmeal cookie).

I started all over again today and I'm not gonna lie it wasn't easy, but it felt good. I am going to be really sore tomorrow morning and nothing will make it feel better except hitting the pavement again so that is what I am going to do. I will  run 1 day during the week and 1 day on the weekend. I just went back and retyped that last sentence because I had written the word TRY  and realized that was me saying i might do this, but I erased TRY and retyped WILL because I WILL do this.

Having such an adorable running buddy makes it a little easier.

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genamayo said...

I'm glad you were able to start running again and hope you aren't too sore today! Yes, she is an adorable partner! :)
(if you had already linked up this post at today, could you do it again? I messed up on the inlinkz but it's fixed now.)