Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Month Of Meals {October}

October's meal plan is done, we have done our shopping, and I am ready to cook. This month I wanted to do a few recipes I could double and a few I could freeze. I loved last months meal plan and it made my life so much easier and now that Papa gets home earlier I like to have dinner ready when he gets home. I did pretty good keeping up with my September dinner menu except for this last week. Ever since my mama has been sick her friends have been amazing and make them dinner almost every night which equals a lot of leftovers they can't eat so my daddy drops off meals about every other day which made me slack off a little. I also didn't make meatloaf a few weeks ago because my mother in law makes killer meatloaf and brought me some for dinner the night before and there was enough for dinner 2 nights and lunch the next day.

So, what are we having for dinner this month?

Now that it is fall and the weather is changing a bit I wanted to make more "comfort foods". I will be doubling the quiche, roast, calzones, and inside outside ravioli already doubles itself so I will be freezing a portion of this to eat later in the month. The only other thing I changed was instead of buying fresh green beans which would go bad in a month I bought some steam fresh whole green beans because they are just easier and between school, cleaning, cooking, Mckinley and Brent I try to make those little things as easy as possible to keep my sanity. I have already prepped my 2 roasts, my quiches are in the oven and 2 pans of stuffed shells have been prepped with 1 in the fridge for tomorrow and 1 in the freezer just in case I can't make one of my planned meals. That is the best thing about doubling and freezing meals you always have the option to  switch things up in case you don't have time to fix what is on the calendar and you always have at least 1 extra meal on hand.

My Grocery List
2 Prego (I had 1 coupon for a free Prego)
ricotta cheese
cottage cheese
 3 large bags of frozen spinach
2 8 oz. bags of shredded mozzarella (I had a coupon for $1.50 off of 2 bags)
2 frozen pie crusts
1 package of pre cooked (I don't do like cooking bacon)
all natural sour cream
ground turkey
1 large jar of active dry yeast (for doughs and breads)
1 ground turkey (we already had 2 in the freezer)
tomato paste
eggs (we will have to go back and get 1 more carton since we used them all on breakfast Sunday morning and my quiches)
1 bag of red potatoes
2 containers of cherry tomatoes
whipping cream
steam broccoli
frozen peas and carrots
steam green beans
roast (to split into 2 pieces)
baby carrots (I always get a coupon for 1 free bag woohoo!)

Extras (not for dinner purposes)
spring mix lettuce
Gorgonzola cheese
raspberry and walnut dressing (my lunch salads)
Catalina dressing (my lunch salads)
truvia (my coffee habit)
creamer (my coffee habit)
baked tostitos
 2 rolls of paper towels
popcorn seasoning

I was really hoping to spend even less ($160) than I did  last time and I didn't too bad my first try. I was so proud when the girl scanned all of my coupons and she even kindly rang through my dressing coupon even though we only had 1 dressing and the coupon was for 2. I couldn't believe my eyes when the grand total came up $151!!!!!!! That is less than most people spend on food a week. Now, we will have to go back and pick up milk, bread, lunch meat, fruit, and snacks for the monkey, but that will only be another $50- $75. That means we barely spend $200 a month on groceries which I think is pretty darn good. I am ready to start Novembers calendar and see if I can get under $150. Challenge Accepted! I REALLY need a separate freezer/deep freezer so I can be even crazier and make 2 months of meals! My mama has one at the lake somewhere and has said I can come and get it so we shall see how that goes down.

I am really really trying to be more organized in every aspect in my life whether it be school, my house, Mckinley, my health because it gives me more time to just sit and relax with my little family which is the number one tip top most important thing to me. Now I am off to enjoy my Sunday. perhaps I shall make another cup of coffee before the monkey wakes from her nap.

Gratuitous Mckinley shot!
 Don't judge me for the beer bottles on the table behind her they aren't mine! The boys had a few before we went out last night and they didn't want to keep walking outside to put them in the recycle bin (hippies) because they are LAZY!

Happy Weekend!

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