Sunday, September 16, 2012

Preschool Planning

My goal for school this year was to get organized and stay organized and much like my meal planning thus far I have done pretty good. I have cleaned out my classroom and started getting rid of junk we didn't n organizereed and trying to keep my desk as organized as possible. I have a really cool organizer that I keep on my front table purchased last year with some school money I didn't know I had left.
I like how compact and colorful it is, but my favorite detail is the little cubby at the bottom to store my lesson plan book. Each week I put everything I need for each day in the corresponding folder and when that day comes all I have to do is grab that folder and everything I need for that day is right there ready to go.

Also this year I am doing "Jobs" with my class.Instead of doing every activity with the entire class I have my students either work at their seats or on the floor and each table has a different job they complete that day and then the next day we rotate the jobs until each table has completed each task. I got this idea from my friend and 4k teacher Nicole at Pre K Diaries . I think they are great because say you need dice for an activity. Instead of having to buy 19 dice I only need 4 because only 1 table will be completing that task that day. I do go ahead and make my 19 copies if there is a worksheet or craft that goes along, but for most things I only need enough for 4 children at a time. 

Most weeks I have 1 table completing an assessment with my aid which has been a much better way to meet 1 on 1 with each individual child and really get an accurate assessment of what they know. Next week I will try to remember to take pictures of my job chart (how we know which table does what activity) and my job bins (what I hold each corresponding activity in).

So far this school year has been great and except for 1 week of a lesson plan mix up I have been able to stay ahead of the game. I am currently 2 and 1/2 lesson plans ahead and all I have to do is create examples of each activity and get all of my copies and supplies together. I am going to do another post with my lesson plans and activities we have completed so far. 

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