Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So Soon

Mama will be having her #5 out of 6 treatments tomorrow. It was supposed to be Friday, but since she would already be at the West as I so fondly call it they asked if she would like to go ahead and get it over with. They will be dropping 1 of her 3 medicines (paraplatin) and they are hoping this keeps her from getting so sick. We can only dream she will sail through these next 2 rounds with only being a little tired and of she is a little sick we can handle that. I pray this round she can stay at home and rest and not have to spend so much time at the hospital. 

Good news is after this she only has 1 more round!!!! How funny is it that I am already looking forward to her next round because after that everything feels like it will be a cake walk. She still has surgery and radiation to get through, but she is a tough cookie and she will sail right through those next 2 steps. 

You know what I am going to ask now. Lots and lots of praying. Just like I taught my babies this week it doesn't have to be a big prayer, but maybe just stop for a second. Close your eyes. And just be quiet for a moment. 
 Mckinley says thank you!

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Mrs. K said...

My continued prayers for your Momma. I hope she sails through this next round of chemo & can stay at home.