Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello Dolly

My Great Aunt Dolly passed away this morning. I am not sure on the details just yet, but when I called my daddy back after missing his call while at the Dr. and catching the news on Facebook from my cousin he said they had been expecting something to happen soon because she had stopped eating and drinking and if you know Dolly food was her thing. Whenever you walked into her house the first thing she would ask you was "Are you hungry?" or "What do you want to eat?" You usually didn't get a choice and it was always good so we were always eating.

Like my sister said when she called me back after I left her a message with maybe a few tears we shouldn't be sad because she is in such a better place. I think I forgot to mention this little firecracker I am talking about was 103! 103 years old people! Up until our wedding in 2008 she was doing pretty good and she even danced most of the night away and that was at 99! These last few years I know she was ready to be done with it all and to be with her sweetie Uncle Louie who passed when I was in Knoxville for my freshman orientation in 2000.

I just keep thinking about my Nini (Aunt Dolly's daughter and my godmother). When I called her to check on her today she was so sad and all I can think about is how quiet the house will be now. No more nurses. No more Dolly. 

I am hoping mama will be able to attend the services. They gave her a shot today to boost her white count, but she has to be really careful about who she around right now so no Mckinley visits especially since she is sick with a possible case of hand foot and mouth yeah

So my heart is sad, but I know she is much happier and no longer in any pain. She lived a wonderful life and was an amazing woman. 

After rereading this it all sounds so jumbled and random so please forgive me. I am a tad tired from sleeping with a sick bambino last night so I get a pass today. I am pretty sure my writing probably always sounds like this, but today I have excuse so I am using it.

 My Wedding 2008 with all of her great nieces and nephews.

Dolly's 100th Birthday not in 1995

Meeting Mckinley for the first time. Dolly at 102. Mckinley at 2 weeks

Love you Aunt Dolly.

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