Sunday, September 9, 2012


I FINALLY feel like I am not trying to keep my head above water.
I am caught up with my lesson planning, am currently 2 lessons ahead, Mckinley's lunches are made for the week, and my dinner calendar is set and ready to go. 

I started off the school year feeling all prepared and ahead of the game and then all hell broke lose and I fell behind. Mama went back into the hospital, Brent was working very late nights, I had the wrong lesson plan schedule, and I had a fussy teething non sleeping baby on my hands needless to say I was a little tired with not much extra time on my hands to get caught up and I was stressed and I don't get stressed and it was all just 1 big ole mess. I wasn't taking care of myself and by not taking care of myself I wasn't taking care of my family or my job as well as I could. The one area I was on top of was meal planning. Mckinley's beakfast, lunches, and all of our dinner were prepared for the week. This was HUGE help during these stressful times and I will definitely continue to do this because it works and it actually cuts down how much I spend on groceries each month.

I feel like I can breath again and if I stay ahead I feel like I can stay afloat.

We will also see about this whole teething thing. We just received Mckinley's amber teething necklace from and she has been wearing it for 3 days now and she seems pretty happy, but I am not sure if anything is coming in right now so we shall see. I am desperate and will try anything right now. It is pretty cute so even if it doesn't really do anything at least it can be a pretty accessory.

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