Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back Again

Tonight I am spending the night with my mama and no this isn't a movie watching popcorn munching girls night in. This is a yellow gown wearing rubber gloved kind of night. 

Yup we are back in the hospital after round four of chemo. Everything seemed to be going good until her last day of steroids. And to just make things even better mama has received the gift of an infection called C-dif. I actually know what this is because my mother in law has had it a few times. I am not sure if I feel better or worse knowing this actual medical term. 

My sister has once again been an angel and has spent the past few nights with mama. It makes me feel good knowing she is here so much because she understands a lot more of this medical stuff and is very calm and level headed  when it comes to all of this. My aunt Debbie has also been an angel and has her very own wedding slaves! Whatever she needs done for my cousins wedding I will do. I will hang and make ANYTHING she needs! I am just happy i finally get to help out. It has been kiling me just sitting at home doing nothing, but bugging everyon calling and texting every hour to check in. I am honestly surprised with myself and all of this. I can admit that I do not have what you would call a stomach of steel. I do ok at school if someone barfs and yes I have been barfed on and the occasional bloody nose doesn't scare me. Now hospitals and blood and guts and other stuff I am not good with, but when it is someone you love you just kind of do it. I am sure she has done more and dealt with worse from me. 

Mama is sleeping now and hopefully she will sleep most of the night. I am just sitting here listening to the storm roll in face booking and pinteresting. I should probably try to get some sleep, but the message from my husband saying his parents had to come home early from their trip because the lady watching their dogs thinks she is having a heart attack at their house is way more interesting than sleeping! 

Hopefully tomorrow I can post about how much better mama's feeling and she will be going home soon. Keep those prayers coming and don't forget to sign up for our Race For The Cure Team!

Mama finally came home yesterday since after being there since last Thursday. I stayed again Wednesday night and it was a lovely surprise to see her chatting with friends when I arrived. She is still not 100%, but she is definitely feeling better than she was. Thank you all once again for sending all of your prayers and for everyone feeding my family y'all are saints. I would hate to see daddy waste away!

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Courtney said...

Praying for your mom, Roxanne!