Saturday, September 29, 2012

PreK Days

A few weeks back one of my Pinterest ladies asked me if I had a website where I posted all of my classroom ideas I always posted about and I said why yes I have a blog, but i have have never really posted anything from school before, but I guess I should so I can look back and remember all of the fun stuff we do. I mean I don't work my butt off each week for nothing!

The past 3 weeks have been jam packed with crafts and work and I thankfully remember to snap pictures of a few things.
2 Weeks ago we met Ms. A who taught us all about Apples. I didn't take many pictures from this week because no one had asked me to post my classroom ideas yet.We love glyphs in our class and we usually do 1 a week and since we were leaning about apples this week it made sense we would do one on Apples. The students did great cutting all of their pieces out, but some of them had a hard time with the seeds. The directions were: If you have swallowed an apple seed draw 3 seeds on your apple and if you have not swallowed a seed draw 5 seeds. Thankfully we always make extra copies because some of my friends just drew dots ALL over the middle of their apple and some friends made 3 or 5 tiny dots. Luckily I had made an example and they were able to see what the directions meant.

Next the students cut, painted, and created their very own Apple Cores. I sadly was not at school that day because Little Lady was sick with some virus going around, but I think they did a pretty great job!

Our students also tore paper to work on fine motor skills to create an Apple Tree. I thought these would be super cute and easy, but my babies seemed to have a difficult time understanding how to use the different pieces to create their trees. We are working on letting them have some freedom artistically and I don't think they are used to this yet. They are still used to someone telling them exactly where to place each piece, but we will get there with a little time and a little freedom.

A few of our jobs which I of course forgot to take pictures of so these are pictures from the sources.
Apple Seed Number Matching
Roll An Apple Tree

Apple Tree Number Matching

Apple Patterns

Next we met Ms. F and her funny feet and she taught us all about The Farm. Surprise surprise we did another Glyph and everyone followed the directions to create their own cow. The udders crack me up!

One of our Jobs this week was for each table to create a different Farm Animal. One table made cows one made horses, one made  sheep, one made  pigs, and one made chickens. I like how each one looks a little different because we let the kiddos do their own thang and didn't hover over them while they were working. I feel like we are always telling them what color things should be and how something should look and so what if their pig doesn't look exactly like my example pig they are using their imaginations.

Another job each student completed was Planting A Pattern. I provided each student with 2 different types of seeds (beans) and since only 1 table a day was completing this project I got to work 1 on 1 with each student as I passed out their "seeds". We talk about patterns regularly because one of my attention grabbers is while I am waiting for my friends to join me on the carpet I will start clapping and patting my knees in a pattern and the students magically start following along. We have talked about AB, ABA, and ABBA, patterns so this simple AB pattern was a cinch! So far this has been one of my favorite things we have done. They turned out so cute and my kiddos did an awesome job completing it on their own.

Each week one of our jobs is to create something that starts with each letter out of the letter (that sounds confusing). Last week we made an Alligator out of the letter A and this week we made a Fox out of the letter F

Our last job was some good ole Pig Shape Graphing(I forgot to snap a picture of a kiddo completed pig). The students colored each shape on the pigs body a specified color then they counted each shape and graphed how many there were. This was very easy for some students and others had a more difficult time with this, but since I was able to work one on one with each I was able to help them count and figure out how many boxes to color. 

Something I am trying to do each week is add some science into our day. My 2 main goals this year were to make Religion and Prayer a key aspect in our class and to add in more science. So far I feel like I am doing pretty good adding in more and more each day while still keeping up with our core lessons. We read a book about magnets and sinking and floating so this week we learned about what is and is not Magnetic. We worked as a class at their tables since we only had 5 big magnets and the children did awesome passing the magnets around the table to see if each thing was magnetic or not. Then they worked on their own cutting out each picture and gluing it onto the magnet if it Was Magnetic and gluing it into the box if it Was Not Magnetic. I made my own worksheet from the printable at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge This was really fun and the kiddos did awesome following directions and figuring out what was and wasn't magnetic.

Now we are caught up with our past few weeks in the classroom and we can get on with what we did this week.
 We met Mr. X and learned about being different and being healthy. Mr. X taught us all about our bodies, our 5 senses, and our teeth.

We used Toothbrushes (magic erasers hot glued on giant popsicle sticks which were the genius idea from Mrs. Cathy) to brush these yucky yellow teeth to beautiful healthy white teeth.

We rolled a dice and placed that many Teeth (marshmallows) in the mouth. Not sure why this came out so blurry.

Cut out healthy and unhealthy pictures from magizines to glue onto healthy white and unhealthy yellow teeth.

Sequenced toothbrushes from smallest to largest. This was my own creation so no link to Pinterest. So yes I do come up with some of my own ideas. I have one for next week I am pretty psyched about. Let's just way it has to do with camping and position words

Made X-rays out of X's

Took X-rays of our hands

And used those super cute Toothbrushes created by Mrs. Cathy to clean these yucky unhealthy teeth which my kiddos dubbed the cow teeth.

So as you can see we have been pretty busy down the hall in 4K. We are all ready for next week and meeting our new friend Ms. Y. She will teach us all about camping! Get ready for some bear hunting and a little tent time. 

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