Sunday, September 2, 2012

Prep Work

Trying to stand up in the grocery basket=pure joy! She actually stood all the way up in the beer/dairy aisle. I may have yelled "Sit Down Nut job!!!" And I may have gotten some really strange looks from the other people in the beer/dairy aisle
Mckinley and I just spent an hour at the grocery store getting everything we will need for a months worth of meals. I spent about $160 on almost everything I would need and if I didn't need dog food and dog treats I would have been about $130. Not to shabby if I do say so myself. I will have to go back and get some more chicken breasts, but I can just swing by after work and get some fresh ones and not have to wait for them to defrost.

I am going to print off my calendar instead of writing it out on my white board fridge calendar and I only need a few recipes so I will be printing those off and putting them together in my new recipe box Mckinley took from Aunt Dolly and Nini's house. First we will make sure we like the recipes or make any changes.

My precious snotty baby is napping right now so I went ahead and started putting a few things together. I cut my roast in half because we can never eat a whole one with all of the fixins and put everything together for 2 crock pot roasts (carrots, red potatoes, onion, Lipton soup mix, Worcestershire, and I will add some beef broth to the crock pot for extra flavor and moisture. So there are 2 meals complete. I also have some chicken breasts in a large pot with some chicken stock, water, and a ton of left over frozen raw veggies I have been saving. There are some onions, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and a pepper or 2. I will use the cooked chicken for enchiladas and I will use the broth for tortellini soup.

Now on to what  I bought today and what I still need to get.

Everything in this list I need for my dinners 
2 cartoons of medium eggs (1 will be used to make eggies for Mckinley's breakfasts)
Cheese tortellini
Whole Milk and 1% Milk
3 Pillsbury Pizza Crusts (I just don't have it in me to make my crust from scratch this month)
Flour tortillas
Frozen Hash browns
Sharp Shredded Cheese
3 Ground Turkeys
1 roast i split into 2
Elbow Macaroni
Jumbo Shells
6 cans of low fat no sodium chicken broth
Blueberry waffles for mine and Mckinley's breakfasts (my girl LOVES waffles!)
Pineapple and peach salsa
Green enchilada sauce
Cream cheese
Green peppers
Wishbone spritz dressings (raspberry and ranch)
Iceberg Lettuce
2 Onions
Baby carrots
Cherry Tomatoes
Red Potatoes
Red Cabbage (I couldn't find purple)

Everyday items
Honey Wheat Bread
Lite Fruit punch mix
2 boxes of Nutrigrain bars (for my girl's snacks)
Pears and Mixed fruit for more snacks and lunches
Dog food
Dog biscuits
Puff tissues with lotion for my poor baby's nose
2 tiny single servings of ice cream to drown my sorrows with my mama sick, my hubby out of town, and a snotty teething baby

What I still need
Chicken breasts
button mushrooms
Mozzarella cheese
American cheese (forgot to put it on my list)
Like I said I could have spent much less if I didn't need a few extra things, but I think for a months worth of food I did pretty good.

My chicken breasts  broth should be done soon and then I can start putting my enchiladas together. Everything else I will make either the night before or day of. I am switching up 2 of my recipes (Turkey Tacos and Fish Tacos because I don't want my cabbage to get yucky, but besides that I am sticking to my September meal calendar.

So far I am really digging this whole month's worth of meals. next month I want to make more freezer meals so all we will have to do is pull something out the night before to defrost and pop it in the oven the next day. I am also in the market for new soup recipes to go along with some cooler weather. I am so ready for fall I will make it feel like fall inside our house even if it is still 98 degrees outside.


Mrs. K said...

Awesome! I am in awe by the fact that you spent only $160 on groceries!! We're meal planning as well right now & I'm spending $100 average weekly. Kudos, girl!

Roxanne said...

THANKS! Sadly my poor husband suffers because of my thriftiness. We rarely buy chips or sweets and it makes him sad