Monday, November 15, 2010

Big News

I don't think I will ever be sure why I tested this Saturday (11/13/2010). We weren't even supposed to be home. We should have been in Nashville celebrating Kevin and Susan's baby shower, but thank goodness the shower was canceled. Saturday morning I woke up early just like I always do, made my coffee, ate some breakfast and got my lazy Saturday started. After a while Brent finally woke up and we decided to finally get up and get moving to do our errands. I was supposed to be getting in the shower and I don't know what I was thinking, but for some reason I just had this urge to take a pregnancy test. I wasn't late and I didn't even know if my timing was even close enough to take a test. I used one of my internet cheapies and I guess since I had never seen anything before, but stark whiteness when the second line popped up I kind of freaked out. Now I had this whole plan in my mind of how I was going to tell B. I was going to surprise him with Memphis onesies, a congratulations card, and the test, but that idea flew out the window right away. I opened the door and said "Baby I think I am pregnant!" Brent got up and said "What are you talking about?" "I think I am pregnant. Come look at the test!" He came and looked and I had to put the test down on the counter because my hands were shaking so bad. Brent of course couldn't see the line at first and my shaky fingers couldn't really point it out. I finally pulled out a different type oftest and tried that one. You could definitely see the line on that one. I think B was still in disbelief then because he kept telling me we should wait until this week and test again to which I told him he was crazy because I couldn't wait that long! Brent went and sat on the bed and I kept walking around like a goofy idiot. Finally I decided to get ready, but I couldn't even shower because I was still in such disbelief. After that I cried and we hugged and decided to go get a digital test to make sure. We ran our errands and our last stop was Target. I believe we made the most awkward purchase in Target history that day. 1 green and 1 red turtleneck for our Christmas Pictures and Pregnancy tests. I of course took it right when I got home and it took forever! Finally the word PREGNANT popped up. I think it finally started sinking in for Brent that this was really happening. There was more hugging and oh my gods! After that we just layed around in disbelief trying to wrap our heads around this new development in our lives. We had already made plans with our friends Jill and Ben and couldn't cancel. I wasn't even sure if I could act normal around other people, but I feel like I did ok. I felt really awkward when they first arrived at dinner because I felt like everyone knew my dirty little secret. I swear J kept looking at my belly, but that is just me being a nervous freak. The funny thing about us making plans with them is J and I have been hoping we could be pregnant together. Now I am just waiting for them to announce they are pregnant too so we can all celebrate. We of course haven't told anyone yet since I am still only a little over 3 weeks. I think we are both scared that this might not be a sticky baby for us. I am praying this is it and everything turns out ok. B is still being very cautious and it is so cute because every noise I make he keeps asking me if I am ok. I am feeling good just a little cramping. I am just waiting for all of the fun times to kick in (nausea, food aversion, sleeplessness, being super tired, and so on and so forth). And so it begins! We shall see what the future has in store for us! Test #1 IC and #2 FRER Test 3 (Seeing this made it feel real)

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