Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If You'r Going To Spew, Spew Into This

No one should be feeling nauseous when they are 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant! This is ridiculous. Mom wanted to go do some Birthday/Christmas shopping (which means I get to pick out my gifts ::score::). We hit Ross and Old Navy (my home away from home) and I got a bunch of stuff for my birthday. We checked out Charming Charlies next where I got a super cute dress. Before anymore shopping we ran to her house to eat some dinner. She offered me some deli meat which I think I tactfully turned down. I did ok at dinner and then found the mother load my mom was stashing away MINT SKINNY COW SANDWICHES! I found what I shall be craving for the next 9 months. After we ate we hit up Target and Marshall's (where I found an awesome black jacket for Christmas). While we were walking through Marshall's I got dizzy and nauseous. It's too soon! What does this mean for the future? The weird thing is (and you shall probably think me sick) I am kind of glad to be feeling these things because it makes it more real and makes me feel better that everything is ok. My stomach feels like I have been doing sit ups all day and I am already super tired, but like I said it makes it all feel real and it makes me feel like things are ok. I go in for my confirmation appointment Monday. I changed it from Friday because Cathy will be out that day and I panicked because I couldn't leave a substitute with all of my babies and make her deal with the craziness of a Friday dismissal. I am just DYING to tell someone! I want to tell my mom, dad, and sister this weekend since we will all be together and maybe tell his parents this weekend, but Brent wants to wait. I am definitely telling them before my parents leave for Aruba the week of my birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! What an amazing present God has given me for my 29 birthday.

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