Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spilling the Beans

Before I tell the story of how we told everyone let me preface it with how long I have been thinking about telling everyone we were pregnant. Since we started trying I have had some idea of how I wanted to tell our parents, but that of course changed since then. I knew I wanted to use the dogs somewhere in this scenario and they will definitely play a role later on. We finally decided to tell our parents this weekend. I would be a little over 5 weeks and I knew we would all be together to decorate my parents tree because we always buy our trees the day after Thanksgiving. I had it all planned our I had made an ornament I was going to give to my parents when we were all done decorating. We met up with mom, dad, and Jen at Lowe's to pick out our trees and I kept trying to find out when we would decorate. At first my dad said something about not decorating that day, but then we decided we would head out to their house and decorate and hang out. Brent and I headed home to drop off out tree (we didn't do a very good job tying the tree down and were afraid it would fly off). I of course forgot the ornament so we had to stop to try to find the perfect ornament. We hit up Hallmark which had nothing, but we finally found a cute baby ornament in a purple outfit and a cute bag. We decorated the tree, put out Christmas lights, ate and just hung out. I wanted to wait until we were done decorating and everyone was together admiring the tree when I pulled out the ornament. I grabbed the ornament and handed it to my mom and told her I found an ornament for her. It didn't register at first until she opened the bag. She looked at the ornament, looked at me and said "It's a baby." I said "yes it's a baby." My mom said "We're having a baby!?" The best part was right as I handed my mom the bag my dad had just walked outside so when he walked back in we showed him the ornament. He said "What is it?" I said "It's a baby" My dad replied "A baby???" I finally had to tell him "We're having a baby!" It went even better then I thought it would go! We all sat around talking about everything. It was so surreal telling them. Now all we had to do was tell B's parents the next night.

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