Monday, November 15, 2010

4 weeks

I am officially 4 weeks today. I am still having cramping, but nothing too serious. It still doesn't feel real. I called my Dr. this morning and instead of having to tell them I needed the clomid I got to say "I am pregnant!" The lady was so nice and went ahead and scheduled me for this Friday since next Friday will be Thanksgiving break and she knew I couldn't wait that long. I am not sure if they will just do blood work or if they will so my first ultrasound. Either way it is exciting! Just to know everything is ok and progressing normally will be a huge weight off of my shoulders. I feel like I have the HUGE secret! I feel like everyone knows and that I am going to slip up and say something that gives me away. I almost told Cathy today that I had bought B a daddy to be book for Christmas. It is going to be the biggest relief when we feel sure enough to tell everyone. I think we are going to tell our parents and my sister around Thanksgiving or after Thanksgiving (6-8 weeks). We are going to put a picture on our Christmas cards to tell them. Then we will probably tell the rest of our families at Christmas (10 weeks). I think I might get some cute shirt that says Due on or around 07/25/2011. I know for sure I will wait until after we come back from Christmas Break to tell everyone at school (I will have to tell Cathy before that for sure). I am panicking right now just thinking about it. I will probably let it rip at our first Faculty meeting (That should cause quite a ruckus). I can't wait to tell Darlene that her dream about me being pregnant was dead on because I found out 2 weeks after she had the dream (freaky)! No Baby Bump Just Yet Symptoms Tired Super Hungry Cramping Slight Nausea Cravings Milk (preferably chocolate) Weight 121.0


LC said...

Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself...I'm on TTGP and found your blog in your siggy. I didn't get a chance to congratulate you on your congrats!

rxy5309 said...

Thanks! That is so sweet! = )