Monday, November 22, 2010

5 Weeks

I was supposed to have my first Dr. appointment today, but now I need to call as soon as they open and reschedule. I am actually quite excited my assistant isn't coming in today because now I am going to try and schedule it on the 17 when we have a 1/2 day and I will be 8 weeks. I love how they try to get you to come in more then you really need to. They wanted to do a pregnancy confirmation appointment where I would do blood work, chlamydia testing (awesome!), pap, etc. but I would be too early for an ultrasound so it kind of seems pointless to go in at week 5 and then again a few weeks later at week 8 so hopefully I can get it all done at once. Trust me I know I am still pregnant. If I am not then there is something terribly wrong with my boobs and my uterus! We are still telling the parents this weekend. For my parents I am going to decorate a Christmas ornament that says Baby D Due July 2011. For his parents t-shirts for the dogs that say Big Brother and Big Sister. For the rest of the families we will tell them on Christmas with t-shirts that say "Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?" and "She's Eating For 2. I'm Drinking For 3!" Now we are just waiting for the morning sickness monster to rear it's ugly head! I know it is coming because there is no way it's not going to happen. My motion sensitivity and how easily I get sick when non impregnated has to go one way or the other. 1). If you already suffer from this is must get worse 2). If you already suffer from this it shall get better with pregnancy. So once again we are just waiting. Waiting for morning sickness, waiting to see the Dr. so they can tell me everything is fine, waiting to tell the world, waiting to meet Baby D! Symptoms Boobies (enough said) Super Tired Super Hungry Slight Nausea Cravings Salad Chocolate Milk Weight 121.0

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