Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spilling the Beans Part Deux

I had it planned out since we starting trying to get pregnant how we would tell B's parents. I knew it would involve the dogs and shirts that said Big Brother and Big Sister. A few days before we told them I made the dog's shirts and shirts for B and I to wear when we told the rest of the family. We had called B's parents the day before and asked them if we could bring our dogs over to play with their dogs (we do the a lot). They said we could cook out and the dogs could wear each other out. I was getting ready to go over there and all of a sudden FIL called saying MIL wasn't feeling well so we weren't going to hang out, but we should come over and get some food to take home and cook. I went ahead and decided that we would go ahead and take the dogs and surprise them. We put the shirts on the dogs loaded them up and headed over. I went in first so I could tape her reaction. I kept waiting for B to bring the dogs back to the bedroom, but he had taken them outside for some reason so I had to go get them and bring them back. MIL was lying in bed and it took her a second to notice the dogs and how weird it was that they were wearing shirts. I had to pull Stella's shirt down so she could read what it said and then I had to tell her they said Big Brother and Big Sister! It was hilarious because her reaction was "What The Hell!!" Mind you she hardly ever cusses so hearing her say that and then instantly start crying was priceless. She was so mad at us for telling her when she was sick. I told her we were originally waiting to tell everyone after I had gone to the Dr., but since I had to push back my appt. twice and wasn't going to get to go until my birthday that we decided to go ahead and tell them. Now we will see how long my mom and MIL can keep the secret = ). We aren't telling anyone else (except a few of my friends) until Christmas and I won't tell work until after Christmas break. I can't wait for everyone to know, but I especially can't wait to hear and see my little bean.

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