Friday, October 28, 2011

3 Months

Happy 3 Months Baby Girl!!!It still seems like just yesterday I was as big as a house thinkin I was lookin cute wondering when you would show your pretty face. I feel like the time has already flown by and you have changed so much and it is amazing to see how you change so quickly from 1 day to the next. The other day your daddy told me that I am pretty darn good mommy and the great thing is I absolutely love being a mommy. Especially your mommy. You make all of the hard work worth it and the daily laundry and dishes aren't really that bad.

You and I got to spend the whole day together yesterday and it was amazing. You actually let me cuddle you which was a treat because you are too busy for snuggles these days. Any day now you will be sitting up on your own and you throw a tantrum if I even try to lay you down on your back unless you are in the mood. I can't believe how well you hole your head up all by yourself you are such a strong little lady. You definitely still do not care for tummy time, but you love your exersaucer and soon I am going to set up your jumper to strengthen those little legs.  You have started grabbing and holding onto things with your tiny little hands and you love shoving them in your mouth especially your little rings and your brand new Sophie Giraffe. I know she was supposed to be a Christmas present, but I just couldn't help myself and you love gnawing on her face so much.

You don't need to be swaddled anymore when you sleep and that makes me sad because you are growing and changing too fast. I miss nursing and rocking you to sleep then wrapping you all up all snugly and warm, but I am so proud of you for being such a big girl and I love that I get to put you in your adorable footy p.j.'s. I still can't believe you go to bed all by yourself every night. I am still not sure how we got you to do this, but I like to think we are just super awesome parents and you are a super awesome baby.

I can not believe we have made it 3 months with breastfeeding and pumping without any help. Now that we have reached our first goal I know we can make it to 6 months and by then you will start eating real people food. We are going to skip that yucky ole rice cereal because it seems silly to me to give you something with absolutely no nutritional value and you seem to be doing just fine on good ol mama milk and when you are ready we will give you the good stuff. I know you will love eating fruits and veggies and you know I will take a million pictures of you eating them cause that's what I do.

You are such a gibber jabberer and I just don't know where you could have gotten that from. You talk constantly and just today you have started screaming randomly. You scare the bejezzus out of me when I am changing your diaper, but it is so freaking hilarious. Don't worry your changing table is still your favorite place for us  to have long conversations and talk about boys.

You love going to Mrs. Julie's everyday and it just makes me feel so good everyday knowing that you are so well taken care of and loved so much. It makes me so happy seeing your gummy little smile after a long day of tattle telling and being asked a million questions by my sweet little babies. I love all 15 of them, but gosh darn it I don't know if I could ever love anyone as much as I love you. I know my heart will make a little room someday, but you will always have that first piece.

Our diapers are still going great even though we are really starting to like our Best Bottoms better. We have yet to have a leak or blow out in them (except the times you pee even before I can get the diaper snapped. Hopefully the medium g diapers will workout for us as soon as your tiny tush starts fitting into them. That would really lighten my laundry load and I could go almost 3 days without washing (that might start stinking though). I love hanging your diapers out on the line to sun and when I walk past the window and see them hanging out there it just makes me happy knowing we will never have to buy any more diapers (unless they come out with new patterns). We are still hoping since you hate the feeling of a wet cloth diaper on your bottom you will potty train more easily.
I keep telling myself to remember every little detail because we will never be first time parents again. The next time around we might have a little clue of what we are doing. This time we are totally winging it , but I am so proud of us. I feel like we haven't really screwed you up yet have done a really good job so far. We are about to experience a lot of firsts very soon like First Halloween, Thanksgiving and the big one Christmas.  I can only imagine how insane Christmas will be with the Grandparents, aunts, etc. going nuts with presents. And one more big first is coming up quickly. Baby's first Christmas Card Pictures, but we will save that post for another day. the plans are already taking shape for the first in many parental embarrassments in your life my sweet baby girl.

I love you more then life itself and I hope you always know that because I am going to smother you with love until I can't smother you anymore.

Happy 3 Month Birthday Baby Love!

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