Saturday, October 15, 2011

Long Night

These past 3 nights have been very long ones. My beautiful baby girl who has been sleeping through the night for almost 2 months now has turned into a bedtime monster. 11 seems to be her witching hour right now and I am very tired. Thursday night I was able to rock my precious child to sleep in her bouncer, Friday night I got the honor of passing out on the couch while she lounged in her swing, and last night I couldn't even get her arms swaddled so this was our first night of sleeping like this


It took a few times of getting up and changing and eating around 3ish, but we eventually slept until about 8. Is it silly that this makes me sad. I love all of the new things Baby Girl is doing, but the time is going by too fast.

Today we are heading out to the pumpkin patch with some dear friends of ours and their sweet baby girl. I am hoping we can get some cute pictures of our little family. I am looking forward to having some pictures of my girl and myself where my arm is not in the picture. Then we are off to dinner with even more good friends. This is going to be as good night I believe.

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