Monday, October 24, 2011


Brent and I are very lucky to have some very good friends in town and all over. We are even luckier because so many of our good friends also have babies almost the exact same age as Kinley. This past weekend we got to spend some much needed quality time with 2 couples and their precious babies. We hit up the pumpkin patch for some pictures and yummy food.

I am what you call a picture whore and I may or may not have a million pictures of my child's feet ( my goodness they are so perfect) and my child might be blind from a flash going off in her face and she might be able to sleep through a bunch of flashes. I just love being able to look back at the things we have done and places we have been. Good news about my picture taking problem is I got some amazing pictures of baby girl and our little family (Go Team D).

Our Little Family

Punkin Bebe

Me and My Baby


Team J

Pretty Ladies


Team H

Kinley's Boyfriend

My Little Punkin

Sweet Baby Girls

I can't wait to do this again very soon. Christmas is coming up people that means Christmas outfits and lights!

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