Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Call This Post The Rise and Fall of Baby Crazy Arms

I love my baby girl more then life itself, but I can't say I love her "crazy arms". That is what we call her random arm flailing that keeps her awake unless she is "in"something like a swing, bouncer, or swaddle. We have swaddled Mckinley since the first day we brought her home. The nurses of course taught us how to swaddle while we were in the hospital, but of course we could never do it as good as they did, but I like to think I am a pretty good swaddler. Mckinley will probably laugh at this statement because she knows no matter how tight and how well I swaddle her she can still at least wriggle 1 arm and 1 leg out. We tried those zippered full body swaddler things, but they just made her too hot and ended up waking her up all sweaty and very unhappy and have you ever tried to change a squirmy baby in the middle of the night when you are running on only a few hours of sleep and then you have to strap them back in the most complicated swaddle ever. I was at a loss. I wanted Mckinley to sleep for her sake and ours and I wanted to make sure she was comfortable so I started doing some research looking for something different and one day I came across something new. I think I might have actually skipped down our extremely short hallway in our tiny house to tell Brent about The Swaddle Strap. The thought of being able to coral the "crazy arms" yet easily change a nighttime diaper sounded too good to be true.  I had heard about The Happiest Baby On The Block, and even though I had never read it and I was using the 5 S's (Swaddling, side/stomach positioning in parents' arms, shushing, swinging, and sucking ) and I knew if I wanted the swaddling part to work I needed something that would stay on cue the Swaddle Strap.

Mckinley swaddled in a swaddle blanket. Can you see the arm she has wriggled free?
 Picture taken from out video monitor. I know it is kind of Paranormal Acitivityish.

I emailed the "company" (we will come back to this topic) and told them I thought their product sounded amazing and I wanted to buy one and if they were ok with it and if we liked it I would like to write about it on my tiny little blog. I soon received an email back from Rob and Anna saying they would love if I wrote about it and how about they send me a strap to try out. I almost peed my pants I was so excited! Cue my favorite time of day (3:00ish) a few days later I hear the UPS truck (Gibson's mortal enemy) rolling down our street and the delivery of our Strap. I was so ready to try it out I ripped it open and strapped Kinley in. She never fussed or fought it and just kind of layed there smiling. It was close to nap time so I layed her in her bunny swing to see what she would do. Before this she had never just layed in her swing for an extended period of time without being asleep first. Imagine my surprise when her eyes started getting heavy and shortly thereafter she fell asleep and slept for almost 3 hours. This had never happened before!

Since we had such a successful nap time I couldn't wait to try it out that night. We went through our usual night time routine and when it was time to get into bed I strapped baby girl popped her paci in her mouth and walked out. I climbed into bed and Brent and I waited. And waited. And waited and nothing. My stubborn girl had passed out. We weren't sleeping through the night just yet, but I was ok with that because I was excited to try out a mid-night diaper change. It came around 3am and it was the easiest diaper change ever. I just left Mckinley's arms strapped in unsnapped the bottom of her onesie, put a fresh new gdiaper on, put her back in bed, popped her paci back in and went back to bed. Next thing I know my alarm is going off at 5am and my girl was still asleep. 

Now let's fast forward a week. Anyone who has a baby knows that first night your baby sleeps through the night can be the scariest night of being a new parent. We put Mckinley to bed like we always do expecting to wake up around 3am to go through our routine, but this never happened. I woke up at 5am in a panic fearing the worst. I really thought I was going to go into her room and something would be wrong with my precious baby. I sprung out of bed faster then I ever had and flew into her room to find her sleeping peacefully. I was so excited I woke poor Brent up just to tell him the good news (he was SUPER excited). Ever since then we have all been sleeping really good in our tiny house and we all have the The Swaddle Strap to thank.

Along the way I have gotten to know The "Company" that makes this amazing new product. They are call themselves Anna and Eve. They are a family owned business made up of Rob (Papa), Anna (Mama), and sweet Eve ( Swaddle Strap model). Anna is a new Mama like me so we kind of have some things in common and I kind of like the lady. I know my blog isn't very big, but I hope that by writing about my good experiences help get the word out about this amazing new product.

I thought it would be fun to ask Rob, Anna, and Eve some questions to find out more about them and their company. This post is a tad lengthy (obviously I type like I talk. A lot) So I shall create another post for our interview (I feel so blogger legit) so y'all can get to know Anna and Eve a little better like I have. Before we get to that I think we need a few pictures of my wild child modeling her

Trying out our Swaddle Strap for the first time

I think it works!

It's a Swaddle Miracle!

 I call this next series of pictures What a good nights sleep looks like.

This smile is for Rob Anna, and Eve

Talking and rolling around.

Thank you Swaddle Strap!
 Check out my interview with Anna coming in just a minute.

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