Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dear Mckinley

I have already written my 2 month update but there are so many new things you have started doing in just the last week I had to write them down so I never forget. I am not sure why Mommy is awake since you are still asleep. We went out with friends last night to celebrate a birthday and you were so good. It was so loud and crazy at the restaurant, but you just smiled and laughed the entire time. I love when people tell us how cool you are and what a good baby you are because I have to feel that way because I am your mom, but it makes me happy that other people see it too. You already have the funniest personality and even though I don't want you to get any bigger I can't wait until you are are walking and dancing and singing. I am sure you are going to be a wild child and I would expect no less of you.

You are still eating and sleeping so good and we have still to really go through a "growth spurt" with all of the fussing and not sleeping and hopefully if you are this chill now when you start teething we will roll through it as calmly and happily as you have everything else. I have the feeling if you could that you would completely skip crawling and walking and go straight to walking. You get so upset if anyone lays you down unless you are eating or sleeping. You want to be sitting up looking around at all times or you will pitch a Kinley Fit as I call it and I hate to see you whine but gosh darn it it is so cute. You stick out that bottom lip and you make the fakest noises like you are crying. We are in trouble when the terrible 2's come around because you are so good at faking it already.

Since you hate tummy time so much I have started letting you sit in your exersaucer with a blanket shoved in it to help keep you up. You are so darn good at holding your head up and you love being able to see everything that is going on. We are still doing tummy time young lady because mommy needs a video of you rolling over. My new favorite thing that you have started doing is locking your fist like an ice cream cone. Basically you like everything these days especially any kind of cloth remotely close to your mouth. If I put you in the carrier you lick it the entire time you are in there and you are content so I am happy.

Ya Ya and Grandpa babysat you for the first time Friday night and you were of course perfect. Mommy and Daddy went out on a date to dinner and a movie and we had such a good time, but we were so glad to get back home to you. You also made your first visit your Mommy's happy place and the place where Daddy asked Mommy to marry him. Sadly your awful mommy forgot her camera and daddy left his phone in the car so no pictures of your first visit to The Park as we call it. You looked so cute too. You wore your giraffe print glasses and of course every person who passed by couldn't take it how cute you looked. You LOVE being outside and you love when the wind blows on your face.

Alright sweet girl wake up so we can cuddle. I love that you are sleeping so long now, but you are cutting into Mommy Kinley time.

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