Friday, October 7, 2011

Do You See What I See???

Do you see the tiny pink paci in the bottom of the washer???

Crisis averted. All is finally well in our house the missing paci has been found. I find it quite funny that 2 grown adults have spent many days worrying about 1 tiny piece of plastic and rubber. Shockingly the runaway paci was found somewhere quite random. Let me explain.

We did not have school today because of a diocese professional day and I had the good luck of getting to leave early because I had to pump (I definitely don't care for pumping, but if it gets me out of sitting still for hours and picking up my girl early then I am ok with that). So I have been home for the past few hours hanging with my lady baby and cleaning the house a little. I vacuumed and swiffered the floors and was starting some laundry. I always do Kinley's first and was going back to switch her's into the dryer and put a load of Mommy/Daddy laundry in when I see a flash of pink in the bottom as I pulled out a tangle of blankets. And there it was . The bed paci. Praise the lord. I was so scared it had been eaten by a dog or thrown away somehow.

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