Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Confession

I have a bit of a problem and the first step to recovery (This one's for you Brent) is admitting that you have a problem.

My name is Roxanne and I am addicted to cloth diapers.

Cloth diapering started off as strictly a way to save money, but it has evolved into so much more. We live a very simple life in the Doyle household and I am pretty environmentally conscious (i.e. recycling every tiny scrap of paper and anything that could possibly be recycled) so this was also a way for me to feel much better about the impact I am making on the Earth. Cloth diapers do use more water then we normal, but I am more ok with that then filling up landfills with diapers that take forever to biodegrade.

I started researching cloth diapers waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before we even started trying to get pregnant and I fell in love with Gdiapers. I liked that they were cloth but I didn't have to wash the entire diaper unless there was a major blowout or a leak. We have thankfully made it 2 months before I had to strip any diapers and the only reason we had to do this was because my dumb self new better but i was using regular diaper cream on Kinley's cute bum because we were having a little redness issue. We have been through a  few trials with different cloth diaper safe diaper rash options and I think we have a winner winner chicken dinner.  

Enter the awesomeness of Pure Coconut Oil. It comes in a giant tub and looks like crisco, but when you touch it it melts. It is the softest creamiest jar of lard lookin stuff ever. Mckinley's bum has never looked or smelt better. I was so excited when I was searching the organic aisle in Kroger for my Fenugreek to find the giant tub for $11. This stuff will last us forever and it is 100% safe for cloth diapers.

This not our brand but I couldn't remember what it is called.

Now let's return to my Cloth problem. I have bought all of my diapers from Diaper Swappers and
Nicki's Diapers (where we bought our Best Bottoms). I have written about this before because so many people gave us so much crap about this and we never could understand why. Everyone kept telling us we would only do it for 2 weeks and then give up, but little did they know I am we are so stubborn that the more they said that the more we were confident in our decision and the longer we would last and by golly no matter if we hated the darn things we were still going to use them just because they said we couldn't so THERE!

I kind of went a little crazy for a while there trying to find the best deals and I got some pretty good ones. All in all over a few months I probably spent around $400 for all of the diapers we will ever use for the entire time all of our children are in diapers and hopefully they will potty train early because they can feel the wetness better then babies in regular diapers. I have a ton of cute colors and the darn companies keep coming out with new ones and I need all of the new colors. To make matters worse I got an AMAZING deal on Zulilly. I bought 2 Fuzzibunz pocket diapers for the price of 1. These diapers are different then any of the diapers we already have so instead of the cloth insert sitting on top of a cover or inside of a liner they slide into a pocket inside of the diaper making them more absorbent, but this means you have to wash the entire diaper when baby does her thing, but I am hoping this will cut down on having to change Kinley's sheets every now and then because of leaks. I can't wait for them to get here so we can try them out. Tonight we are trying our Best Bottoms with a doubler and hopefully we won't have any leaking issues.

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