Monday, August 8, 2011

10 Things I Love Today

I love everything about being a new mommy, but there are a few random things I am really loving right now.

  1. Spending so much time with my incredible husband/amazing daddy and my best girl.
  2. Breastfeeding. Before Mckinley arrived this was the main thing that freaked me out. I was scared it would hurt, it would be hard, I wouldn't be able to do it, so on and so forth. Well I am not going to lie it wasn't exactly easy, but I think I was lucky because it just seemed to come naturally to both Mckinley and I. She was very good at i and I did not suffer from much pain. In every book you read it says if you are breastfeeding right you shouldn't feel ANY pain but that is not true. At the very beginning there is some discomfort and I even had some pain on one side, but we toughed it out and tried different things and now we are breastfeeding champs. I got some help from the lactation consultants at the hospital, but I made sure to speak up for myself when they tried pushing different things on me and I let them know when I needed help. I even asked for a different consultant because I did not care for the first lady who came to see me. She kept trying me to do something that was very painful and did not work for us, but the second consultant made me feel comfortable.
  3. Realizing how little time it takes to learn so much about this new person in our lives. I feel like I have known Mckinley forever and I feel like we are already connected in so many big and small ways. I know what each of her cries mean, I wake before she even starts stirring in her bassinet, and no matter what the only thing that calms her right now is mommy. I told Brent that is just how it is at first because God wants to give us Mommy's a little time with our girls before they turn on us and make them Daddy's girls and we are those crazy ladies who won't let them wear the short shorts.
  4. I LOVE baby laundry. I especially love washing her diapers no matter how many times I have to wash them. I love knowing her bottom and the Earth is being taken care of because we made this decision. We are however using up all of the disposable diapers people gifted us because they are so tiny and would just go to waste, but we go through so many a day they we are able to use our cloth the most.
  5. I have to add another one about our diapers. We have the most amazing person keeping our little while we work. Mrs Julie has an in home daycare where she watches many other teacher's children and we were SO lucky to snag a spot. She loves these babies so much and she loves doing what is best for the babies and their families. Meaning we can use our cloth diapers everyday!!! I will never be able to tell her how good it makes me feel to know she will be loving my baby everyday while I am away.
  6. Purging. I started doing this before baby and the nesting trend has stuck. I LOVE pulling things out and adding it to the pile of yard sale stuff we are collecting. Whenever it cools off we are going to make a little $ with all of the stuff taking up room in our attic.
  7. Dressing the baby. I LOVE changing her clothes every morning. Nonni bought us some of the most adorable new outfits that actually fit the peanut and I love trying a new one on every morning and I secretly hope we get messy so I can make a wardrobe change during the day without feeling silly.
  8. Baby wearing. My mom is an amazing sewer and can make anything so when i asked her to make me a baby sling like a Maya Wrap she said no prob! The greatest thing is they give you the directions to make one. We found some really pretty fabric on the sale table for $1 a yard and I ordered the rings from ring slings. In 2 days I had a brand new way to love on baby girl and she LOVES it! She passes out the minute I put her in it and mama has 2 free hands to do stuff.  am in search of some pretty purple fabric to make another one.

9. Not being pregnant anymore. I liked being pregnant I did not love it. I am so happy I can get off of the couch with out a helpful push. I love not looking like a swollen freak (cankles!). I am tired from late night/morning feedings and diaper changes, but I am not exhausted from being pregnant.
10. Dropping almost 30 lbs. in under 2 weeks. I can't WAIT to get the all clear from the doctor to give me the all clear to really work out, but I am going to go ahead and start doing simple exercises like arms and legs to get things moving. I want to be pre baby weight by the time I return back to school in a few weeks.

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