Saturday, August 20, 2011


That is how I felt last night. Mckinley pretty much broke me as she layed there screaming and NOTHING I tried seemed to help. The sad thing is my brain just couldn't come up with anything new to try to help her. I can't believe I didn't remember how much she likes for me to rock her like crazy with my feet in her bouncer/vibrating seat.

When it was time for bed tonight this is how I got her down initially and then I rocked her in my arms after she woke up 5 minutes after putting her down. '

Now we are awake for our first feeding (11:00). I fed Baby Girl and she of course started screaming like a banshee so I placed her in her bouncer and started rocking. So far we are doing pretty good and I am hoping she will pass out so I can swaddle her up.

It makes me laugh how hard I shake her in this thing and I will definitely video it some day. The darn kid just likes it rough I guess.

Pray for me that my child sleeps tonight.


eah42 said...

Prayer said! Good luck tonight!

Jennifer Ohman said...

Hope the best for you. It is funny how we think babies want everything gentle. To get my little one calm, she likes to be patted, I mean pounded on the bottom. She really likes it and it puts her right to sleep.

Roxanne said...

ha ha this was written a few nights ago and we have thankfully slept much better since. I finally discovered a few new tricks !

Mrs. K said...

I could have written this post myself. Seriously, I feel your pain. I think Carter may be going through a growth spurt because the night before last was especially bad. He woke up about every hour & a half & then was up from 4:30AM until 7AM before he finally went back to sleep. Fortunately for this mommy, he slept a ton better last night. Hope Mckinley slept just as well last night. =)

Caroline said...

Turn on the shower/ run water. Kinda wasteful, but works everytime for sleep or quiet solutions.

Roxanne said...

i also learned the hairdryer is a baby soother