Sunday, August 21, 2011

Swaddle Strap

I just saw a post on The Bump about The Swaddle Strap. What a GREAT product idea! Mckinley is a swaddle Houdini, but she Loves being swaddled and won't sleep without it and she always wakes up trying to free her precious little hands with lovely grunts and some screaming if we let her lay there long enough. I think if we had this she would sleep much more soundly.

I just got done watching the product review and it seems so simple and the baby looks so happy.

Let's all watch and see how fabulous it looks

.I have to say I am sold!


Megan's Profile said...

I'm sold and I don't even have a baby.

Roxanne said...

Ha Ha just to see how happy she is in her little papoose (No clue how one spells that prob. would have been faster to google it then type this out)cracks me up. The hubby said buy it so I am!

Meagan said...

That is awesome!! :)

Ann Gee said...

They sell sleep slacks that can be swaddles too... but since it's so hot out you may not want all that on her! this thing looks awesome though! let me know if it works!

Roxanne said...

She HATES the sacks and gets really mad anytime I put her in it. She loves to be swaddled, but not her whole body so I think she will feel really good and cool in this. She is so hot natured and is alwasy sweating even in the thin swaddle blankets. I promise to let everyone know how we like it!