Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New To Do

Brent goes back to work Monday (Mama is not happy and may cry!) so I am going to need something to do to keep me busy while Baby Girl naps.

A while back I purchased a great deal off of Living Social. For $36 I got a 2 hour session and an 8x10 picture of Mckinley and I will probably order a few other pictures because she is too stinkin cute not too. I am not sure what props they will have to take her picture in so I am planning on bringing some head bands, but first I need to make the headbands.

 I already have some flowers made, but I want to try to make some pretty silk flowers too. I didn't have any headbands so I had to order some baby sized ones from Etsy. They are pretty neat because they have a little band on them to switch out different clips.

Now all I need is pretty silky material to make my flowers. I am thinking a pretty white and maybe pink flower will look pretty on the munchkin.

Here is what I am looking at making This and This.

Good times

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