Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dr. Dr. Give Me The News

We went on our first real adventure today as a family of 3. had our very first Dr. appointment and it was exciting. When we were in the hospital we never met our pediatrician Dr. Pendergrass because he was not the Dr. on call so we met Dr. Mathis who was awesome and hilarious. He reminds me of a surfer dude. We finally got to meet Dr. Pendergrass today and he is awesome. I love this group of Dr's. because they are so layed back and relaxed and I feel like we mesh really well with them because we are pretty relaxed when it comes to Mckinley.

I of course had to dress Baby Love in something cute that might actually fit her skinny behind so we chose a colorful frock with flowers and butterflies on it.

When we arrived they weighed her and measured how long she was and we were not shocked when they told us she had already gained 3 oz. They said most babies are down a few ounces and might be back to birth weight by now. Well they don't know my child. We call her piggy and not just because she makes the cutest snorting noises when she gets worked up, but because the child can eat and she is really good at it. Besides being sore there have been no problems when it comes to breast feeding which makes me so happy because this was something really important to me and I never thought I would love it so much, but eating time is my favorite part of our day and it definitely makes up the largest part of our day so it is nice that we both enjoy it so much.

Back to the appt. now. Kinley never cried or whined once. Not when we stripped her down, weighed her, the dr. poked and prodded her, pulled her around, moved her arms and legs, cecked her ears and eyes I was amazed. The Dr. surprised us when he told us

a) he thinks she will keep her light hair and may even get lighter (My little blond bebe)
b) her muscle/head control and ability to react and track faces/light is as good as a 2 month old baby

We like to think she is a little advance and will be a genius child (I kid I kid).

I am just so glad she is such a healthy little lady and I can't wait to see what she does next. I am however not looking forward to our next Dr. appt. Next time I fear there will be some screaming and drying because we have to get some yucky shots. Mckinley may cry a little too.


Meagan said...

How exciting! :) Im glad her dr appt went well and that shes happy and healthy!

Allison Curry Phelps said...

We use the same group of doctors that yall are using! We prefer Dr. Bergeron though :)