Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jingle Bells Batman Smells

 If you are one of the lucky few to be included on our Christmas card list then you are probably wondering what could we possibly do to top last years card? The answer is

"I have no idea!"
You see I start planning next years cards the second after I hit purchase on Snapfish and this years card has to be the most Amesome! Our poor child had no clue what kind of family she was being born into. I hate to say it, but she really has no chance of being "normal" and I say that in the most loving way and realy what I am saying is her parents are weird.

Before we discuss this years card let's look back at the previous 3 years.
Christmas 2008
I honestly don't think Brent knew what he was getting himself into when he married me. I mean I am sure he had some idea that I wasn't right, but I don't think he ever expected what he got. This was our first attempt at making every one's Christmas just a little ore cheery. I think this was  a bit toned down for us, but we had to start somewhere. I made our gloriously awesome shirts and they are still hiding somewhere in a closet just waiting to be brought back out. Brent's had giant pom poms and mine was covered in jingle bells. It was Christmas magic.

Christmas 2009
Imagine my surprise as I was browsing through the intimates aisle at my favorite shopping destination and came across these footed Santa onesies. I couldn't call Brent fast enough to ask him if he would wear one if I bought it. Of course he said H-E-double hockey sticks (my mom would kill me if I actually typed a curse word) Yeah! The best part was these were "girls" onesies and we had to go with the girls XXL so it would fit B right in certain areas. The most important thing about our Santa footy onesies is if we ever lose power and are snowed in by a blizzard we will not freeze because these things are so stinkin hot! I almost passed out twice from laughing so hard and from getting over heated.

Christmas 2010
I think we hit our stride with Christmas cards this year. I am afraid that we may never be able to top these pictures ever again they were just too darn good. It doesn't hurt that our outfits were super fantastic. It makes it really easy to creat such amazingly glorious Christmas cards when you mother has a closet full of Christmas sweaters. Now the only problem is when your mother actually wears these sweaters during Christmas and makes you swear you won't ruin her sweaters because she payed a lot of money for them (no this is not a joke.) We have actually been stopped by a group of kids going to a "Tacky Sweater Party" to ask her where she got her sweater. I can honestly sai I ahve never been so proud of my mother.

This year we have the added element of cuteness

but what can we do to top the previous years. I am starting to panic a little. I bet none of you knew how stressful planning our Christmas cards can be.

I start with the concept: tacky sweateers and turtle necks, footy pajamas, etc. Next we move to poses and styling. After that we take our pictures and I have to edit and chose the best poses. Now we have come to the most difficult part, deciding on something witty for our message.

I am not the cleverest wordsmith, but sometimes I can come up with some good ones, but it takes massive amounts of time, energy, and reserch to come up with the perfect Christmas card slogan. I think last years was pretty good, but that only means I have to come up with something even better this year.

 Well now I am really stressing talking about all of this. I am going to go scour the internet for some starter ideas and pray the bambino sleeps for a few hours to make up for the banshee screaming she did whenw e went to visit her Nonni.

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