Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Letter To My Precious Child

Baby Love,

You did not sleep last night therefor Mama and Daddy did not sleep. We are very tired now. Please sleep tonight.

P.S. fewer diaper changes would be awesome.

Love your parents.

Burp Face


Meagan said...

She is so precious! :) Dont you love being a mom?

Anonymous said...

i heart this post. lol

Roxanne said...

Meagan I knew it would be awesome but I never knew I would love her this much.

= )

qwerty said...

Congrats! Sorry for the late wishes

Ann Gee said...

time flies so enjoy those sleepless nights!!

Mrs. K said...

We are in the throws of this ourselves with Carter. I still wouldn't trade it for all the world! <3