Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back To School

I snapped a few quick photos of my Parent Orientation Set up and a little bit of my classroom before my camera battery died. That's what I get for having a mobile child and nowhere to plug in my camera battery. Damn you tiny house!

Station # 1 
Parents signed in and filled out how their child would be going home each day. We have some students who leave half day at 12:00, most go to Car Line at 2:30. Some are picked up by older siblings, and a few go to After school care.

Station # 2
Parents picked up the folder with their child's name on it which contained the student information packet to fill out and the Classroom information we would be going over together.

 Station 3
Each parent chose a Portfolio Page to take home and complete with their child. This will be the first page in their child's assessment portfolio.

Station # 4
Everyone got to chose a treat for their child and a treat for them to take home and enjoy as a little Thank You for coming and not laughing at me for turning 5 shades of red. 

 At Station # 4 I also included examples of all of the class supplies and offered extra supply lists in case someone needed one.

All in all I think it was a success. I don't think I made too big of a fool out of myself and my Principal kindly stayed out in the hallway behind me while I spoke. His sweet little girl is in my class this year and I jokingly told him he wasn't allowed to sit directly in front.of me while I spoke. I was glad his sweet wife was there because she knew a few things I could not answer and was super helpful.

I still have a few things to finish the next few days and I hope to take better classroom shots, but here are my centers as they are right now.

Dramatic Play
Here my babies can dress up and pretend to be and do whatever they want. I want to create different settings for them to play in. I would love to create a dr. office, vet office, dentist office, restaurant, grocery store, stage for performing, and many other fun ways for them to use their imaginations.

Listening Center
This center needs a little help right now. I am planning on getting a small rug to place on the floor so my babies can sit and read.

Prayer Table
teaching at a Catholic school is an amazing job and I love teaching my babies all about prayer and the Catholic religion. I want to use this table as a way to showcase the Liturgical calendar and to reflect what is happening during the mass at that time. I would love to create a place for my babies to pray and reflect by placing the Liturgical colors on the table and other elements.

This is my area. My fabulous rocking chair and our Daily Calendar.

Weather Chart 
Each day we graph the weather and decided which type of weather has the most and the least. 

Letter of The Week Chart
Each week we have a letter we focus on and this is where we display this. Each letter has a poem, Uppercase adn lowercase cards, pictures that begin with that letter, and a tactile card the students use to feel how to make the letter.

Daily Routine. The colorful pockets on the far right and the clouds on the sticks about them are how my babies sign in each day. When they arrive in the room they hang their bags up, take out their K.I.T.E. binders, and find their cloud adn place it in a pocket on the attendance chart. After lunch and after they go potty they take their cloud out and place it on the board so we can keep track on who has and hasn't gone.
To the left of the attendance chart is our job chart. Each student has a job they complete each day and these change weekly. To the left of the Helping Hands Chart is out Compliment chart. If the whole class is doing a great job walking in line in the hallway or they are being great listeners they can earn a letter and whatever they spell out is the Compliment Party we get to have. Our favorite Compliment Party is a Pajama Party, but we also have veggie parties, toy parties, s'more parties, hot coco parties, and many more. On the top far right is our dismissal chart which helps us keep up with who goes home how everyday. To the left of that is My happy face sad face signs. If someone makes a good choice I have a happy face. If someone doesn't make a good choice I change it to a sad face. Last, but not least are my Direction Numbers. Whenever we have an activity to complete I place direction visuals next to the number that they should complete it. This really helps with babies asking me over and over again what they should be doing.

Block Center

Felt Board

 Reading Center

 Math and Manipulatives

 Computer Center
Aren't my new classroom computer beautiful??

Art Center

Science Center

My Writing Center and Prayer Center aren't shown because they aren't ready just yet. They will be up and running by the first day of school don't worry. We need them with a classroom full with 19 babies. I still have a lot to do, but I feel like I am ready for the first 3 half days coming up so wish me luck. 


Emily Jenkins said...

I remember this classroom. Mine was across the hall. I love still getting o see it through you!!

Roxanne said...

I will take some better full room shots tomorrow = )