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How We Got Started


We started our cloth diapering journey way before Mckinley was even placed inside my belly by God. Yes that is what I told my babies when they asked me how the baby got in my belly because I don't think their parents would appreciate me telling their 4 year old the mysteries of life.  

I started researching diapers the moment Brent and I started talking about getting pregnant. I had no clue what I was doing, what I was looking for, and I didn't know anyone who used cloth so I was completely on my own. Thankfully I had a friend who was pregnant and interested in using cloth so she kind of got to be my guinea pig. I started off looking into Gdiapers and bought a bunch of those used, but I will skip the part where we loved the tiny G's on Mckinley and hated the rest of them. They just didn't work for us and I have heard this from many people. They just don't hold stuff in. Thankfully I found Best Bottom diapers and my guinea pig friend tried them out and really liked them. I was sold on them when I saw all of the cute colors and I really liked the idea of a hybrid diaper I could reuse over and over and would be able to fit my child from almost birth to potty training.

What most people don't know is I not only started researching cloth diapers way before Mckinley was created, but once I knew I was pregnant I slowly started creating my stash. I bought a bunch of the Gdiapers which I will hopefully sell soon and then I started buying my Best Bottoms so I wasn't spending hundreds of dollars all at once. Over a year and a half I completed my stash. I even got a few diapers for my birthday and Christmas.

First things first  if you want to start using cloth diapers check out my friends website with a lot of great diaper information. She makes it really simple to understand. 

We have bought most of our diapers used from There is a HUGE resale market for cloth and most anyone who uses cloth buy, sells, and trades their cloth especially when they are done diapering (you can make $$ back can you believe it!!). Buying used can save you a ton of money. The great thing about cloth is you can bleach it (which you should do to any used cloth, but don't bleach too often) and you can sun your diapers which will get poo stains out and is antibacterial.

For a newborn you will probably need 24 cloth diapers to start with. You can buy diapers that come in sizes Small, Med, Large, or you can get diapers that are one sized and have different snaps you can snap to make them different sizes (these will fit from birth to potty training.) Now a newborn baby may need disposables the first few weeks because they just aren't chunky enough and you may have a few leaks or you can buy newborn or small cloth diapers, but sized diapers cost because you will need more.

I suggest buying a few different kinds or trying a diaper trial where they send you a few different kinds of diapers and you can keep what you like and return the others for credit to buy more or send them all back.

So there are 3 main types of diapers. I am not even going to get into pre folds and covers or wool because they scare me, but I would really like to try pre folds some day. Maybe baby D number 2.

1. All-In-One- Is built exactly like a disposable diaper. You put it on the baby. They wet or poo in it you throw it in the wet bag and put another one one.
People like these because of how easy they are to use, but they are the most expensive option.
A few popular brands are Bum Genius, Thirsties, Grovia, Bumkins, and Swaddlebees   

2. Pocket Diapers-Has an opening in the top that you slide 1-2 inserts inside depending on how absorbent you need it (2 inserts for nigh time). Same as an all-in-one when baby poos or pees you put the entire diaper in wet bag and put another one on.
Some popular brands are Fuzzibunz (we use these and love them for nighttime and daytime use, but mostly nighttime because they are more absorbent), Thirsties Duo, Charlie Banana (one size), Soft Bums, and Happy Heinys, Kawaii .

Hybrid diaper or All-In-2- (what we mainly use). Is a cover with snaps on the inside front and back that you snap an insert into. When baby pees and poos(sometimes) You just unsnap the insert and put another one in and you can reuse the cover until it gets soiled (we have been able to go with 2 covers one day just changing out the inserts. A few popular brands are Best Bottoms (what we use), Grovia, Bum Genius Flip, and Soft Bums.

I use Tide Free and clear, but my favorite detergent and I am probably going to go back to using it is E.C.O.S from Walmart. When I was I was all of my soiled inserts, covers, wetbags, and cloth wipes together and run a rinse cycle, then I put in detergent and run a full cycle. Some people rinse again after the wash, but I haven't ever done it and haven't ever had an issues. When you first get your diapers you want to wash them 5-10 times before using them if brand new. If used run through a wash cycle and add some bleach to the bleach spout (about a cup). Most people line dry and I should do this more often, but most days I just throw the inserts in the dryer and air dry my covers. Line drying is best and will help them last longer.

My Diaper Stash for Birth to Potty Training
I bought about 20 newborn diapers used (tiny g's gdiapers) for the first few weeks and I put newborn unbleached flat fold diapers in them  they were great because Mckinley had some killer chicken legs and would have leaked out of her bigger diapers (about $100)
10 best bottom diaper covers (all new except 1 used and 2 were gifts) for $16.95 a piece (135.00)
20 best bottom small inserts ( all used for around $50)
20 best bottom medium inserts (all used $50)
20 best bottom large inserts (all used for $40)
I got my 2 Fuzzibunz on one of those deal sights like Zulilly (new $24 for both)
I have 1 Alva diaper which is a really good and really cheap brand from a diaper co-op (new $5)
And 1 of my Fuzzibunz was used for $5
Other Inserts ($50)
Wetbags(what you put the dirty diapers in) you throw these in the wash with the diapers. I have too many wetbags you will need at least 4. 2 for home and 2 for travel .
1 large hanging planet wise wetbag $30
1 small planet wise wet bag $9
1 used medium planet wise wet bag $10
2 Alvababy wetbags $6 for both
My Diaper Sprayer I purchased online, but I can't remember the site ($30)
Last but not least is our Coconut oil. I don't really add this into to my calculations because we have only had to buy 2-3 jars even though we use it every time we change Mckinley. It is the greatest stuff ever and except for an antibiotic rash we have never had diaper rash.

Without the gdiapers I have spent around $500 over the period of 2 years.I could have probably done it even cheaper if I had really tried and like I said I could live with fewer covers and I don't need 5 wetbags, but we have still saved thousands of dollars because we don't ever have to buy any of this again. We can reuse it all for baby number 2. Now if they come out with new cover prints I might just have to get 1 or 2 more covers, but that is all! I am done! I swear! I can stop any time!

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