Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Brain Dump

I'm not writing about anything in particular tonight, but I just felt like writing.

I went to school today to try and get my classroom set up since they switched pre k registration from Monday to Friday leaving me 2 days to get my room put back together. I tried getting my new computer set up, but couldn't remember my old password. Finally I remembered it and what does the computer tell me it needs to be changed. So I think of a new password enter it in and try to sign in to my computer and what does the darn thing tell me "Incorrect Password"! Imagine carrying around a grumpy 1 year old who just wants to play with the cars. I walked my happy butt down to the work room and tried that computer and it lets me sign in. I walk all the way back done to my classroom and try again and nothing! What should have been an hours worth of work turned into 3 hours. Thankfully I packed rations for the munchkin, but she ended up missing her morning nap. Thankfully she is the best baby ever and just played and laughed and walked around the room while I tried to get a few things done.

I still have a few things to print out and get together, but I should have everything ready tomorrow.

Bad news I tripped over a little blue plastic bowl Mckinley was playing with and twisted my right ankle. It isn't too awful, but it isn't exactly what I needed today.

Starting Monday I am going to start back with my weekly dinner menu with a few changes.
Meatless Monday (Brent has actually agreed to this as long as he can have Bacos in any salads)
Taco Tuesday (Turkey Tacos, Fish, Tacos, Fajitas, etc.)
Whatever Wednesday ( We will eat any leftovers or whatever I can throw together the quickest)
Tasty Thursday (Crock pot meals, meatloaf, chicken,)
Fun Fridays (usually homemade pizza or date night)

It is fun having a theme for the day and for some reason it makes meal planning easier. My mom saw something on "The Internet" as she would say where someone got baskets and placed all the ingredients they would need for that meal so all they had to do was grab the basket and. This just happens to be a great idea and I am making a dollar store run and might be coming home with 5 new baskets.

 Nothing else interesting is going on around here except for Brent working a lot and dealing with a bunch of craziness this week.

Here's a fun picture of Mckinley doing her monkey walk. For some reason her hands up in the air makes it easier to balance. We definitely have a toddler in our house. She prefers to walk more than crawl these days.

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