Monday, August 27, 2012

Month 13

Yeah, I know, whatever, you are 1, but it is easier to say 13 months because I already did a year update so let it go people.

This past month has been absolutely freaking insane little lady. From school starting back to hospital visits I am more and more thankful everyday you are such an easy baby (I need to remind myself of that every now and then especially not that we are in full blown teething hell) and you just kind of go with the flow because if you weren't we would all be up a creek without a paddle.

I feel like you and I are back on schedule now that school has started back and it feels like everything is right with the world again, you know except for the whole cancer B.S., but you know mama likes a schedule and a schedule means we are sleeping better so yippee for school. You would be really proud of your mama for being so on top of things lately. I make all of your lunches and snacks on Sunday so I am not scrambling for something healthy for you to eat that day and I even make most of your breakfast ahead of time. Taking a little time out of my day on Sunday makes my life and your life for the rest of the week SO much easier.

People always look at me like I am crazy when they ask "how's the baby doing?" and my answer is always "Oh she's a nut job!" I say it with all the love in my heart and I absolutely love your spunk and craziness. You are truly a little individual and I will never ask you to be like anyone else no matter what. I know I have to say this because I birthed you from my loins, but you are absolutely the most beautiful child I have ever seen and you get more beautiful everyday. I will always toot your brain horn the loudest, but I will always remind you how beautiful you are no matter what.

Now let's see what important stuff have you accomplished this past month. 

You are officially 100% a toddler. You walk or I guess I should say run and or trott everywhere. You actually crawled last night and your daddy and I were so confused because it felt like you hadn't done that forever. It really threw us off. You are getting into absolutely everything and you are determined to get into any locked room or cabinet. The more we don't want you to do something the more you want to do it. It only took a few times of shutting a drawer on your finger for you to learn that sucks and you won't be doing that anymore. I am constantly running around shutting doors I forgot to shut or locking the stove or dishwasher. Speaking of the dishwasher you are fascinated by it and by putting stuff that doesn't go into it, into it. 

Your 2 bottom front teeth are in and your top left tooth has made it's way through  and your top right tooth is trying to make an appearance also. Teething is not for the faint of heart people. Brent and I have honestly scouts honor never really freaked about anything Mckinley related. Even the night we had an emergency room visit I feel like we were pretty calm and collected. I may have cried a little, but we both remained very calm, but we honestly no lie almost took you to the hospital when that top tooth was coming in. It was like you were possessed by a demon. You body went stuff and we couldn't even touch you. it was absolutely awful. Lucky for us only 4 of your 20 baby teeth are in. yeah! Now that we know Hyland's teething tablets and gel work for you we might make it out alive. 

You are still the best eater and the only thing you ever get a little finicky with are strawberries because you don't like it when they are tart. You eat a lot of eggs, Nutrigrain bars, veggies, fish, sandwiches, cheese, chicken, meat, peanut butter, stuff on toast, beans, food. I pray everyday you keep it up because it makes my life so much easier. 

Your LOVE bath time and get pissed and I mean pissed when I get the towel and get you out. You actually try to run away from me to the other end of the tub so I can't get you and you scream at me when I take you out. I have to completely drain the tub and take all of the toys out before even attempting to get you out. Diaper changes are WWE matches nowadays. You act like we are killing you and it usually takes 2 of us to change you. Mind you there is usually only me home to change you so I usually can't change you on the changing table because I am afraid you will roll off and kill yourself. 

You are so independent and love spending time by yourself playing in your room, but you are still a Mama's girl. I am noticing little moments with Daddy that I try to play up. Anytime I am holding you and you reach for him I immediately hand you over and I love how his eyes light up when I tell him how upset you get when he leaves. You run to the door and cry which makes me sad, but I love that him leaving means something to you. Daddy and you just recently had your first night alone and he of course nailed it. You woke up 3 times, but he handled you like a boss.

I have said it a million times, but I will say it again, but I honestly don't know what I would do without you in my life right now. Knowing that you depend on me and need me helps me keep going. Now I might pass out a little earlier than usual because I am worn out from school and life, but I absolutely love every minute of it!
This has been one of the toughest years of all of our lives and without you I can't imagine making it through with the little bit of sanity I have left. You are truly a little nutty blessing and I love you more and more each and every day.

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