Wednesday, February 27, 2013

19 Months

I am having a mama moment right now. I am supposed to be getting ready for work, but all I can think about is the fact that my sweet girl was born exactly 19 months ago. So much has changed since then and I am not sure who or what I thought you would be like at this point in your life, but you are so much more than I ever expected. You are a wonder to me my little girl and you make every moment of every day so much more exciting. You are sweet, independent, loud, energetic, smart, talkative, curious, colorful, strong willed, hard headed, loving, squishy, messy with a love of cleaning up spills.

Elmo is still your one true love thank goodness because your birthday theme is still looking like Sesame Street.

You go crazy for balls and can throw a football like a college quarterback. We are still working on getting as close to the person you are throwing the ball to  and chunking it at their face. You love your picture books , but won't sit still long enough for me to actually finish reading you an entire story, but you love learning new words and you will point to a picture over and over again so I will name it for you. You also love pointing at something interesting and saying "Look!" You also love going "Night Night" or making me lay down with you in your crazy corner (corner full of blankets, pillows, and every stuffed animal you own) where i have to cover you up then uncover you then cover up your baby Stella and change her diaper because she has in your words "poopy yuck." You have developed a slight obsession with bubbles, stickers, and crayons which we have to constantly have to take away from you because you will start coloring nicely and then we hear "Yuck" and you are spitting out chunks of blue crayon  you would think you would learn that crayons taste nasty even after tasting at least 5 different colors, but you just aren't satisfied unless you give each one a taste. You haven't tried to eat any bubbles yet, but we do have to hide them from you and I may or may not have hidden the bubble gun from you and I now can't remember where I put it.

You are still hit or miss on the potty, but I am digging not having to spray out multiple poopy diapers everyday. I just think you are lazy and don't like stopping what you are doing to go and sit on the potty for the extended period of time it takes you to do your business. I ask you most of the time if you need to go to which you answer "No!" and run away, but lately I have started telling you it is time to go potty instead of asking you. Pottying is really more work for me because you expect to be entertained while you are sitting. We sing songs, look at books and name pictures, make animal noises, and lately you have started touching and counting the 4 little nobs on the side of the counter or pretending they are food that you want to pull off and hand to me to eat. you get very made when I don't want to eat your pretend know food.

You have discovered your new favorite food shrimp! We had shrimp stir fry the other night and you were shoving handfuls into your mouth like you were never going to eat again. You are also a glutton for some good pineapple and watermelon these days. Thankfully summer will be here soon because I foresee many trips to the Farmers Market  for fresh produce to keep up your habit.

The number one thing I am loving these days is your new love of cuddling. We have a new game where we will hug and I will pretend to squeeze and hug you really tight and grunt. You think it is SO funny and you love throwing your arms around my neck and squeezing really hard. you also love it when I Squeeze your arms, legs, and all over you. I will start with your head and squeeze all the way down your body squeezing each body part. I think it is like a little baby massage. Getting tickled is also a favorite past time. I will lift up your arms and tickle you and if I stop you will lift up your arm point and say "Dis" (This) for me to do it again and again.

We finally renewed our zoo passes and I am so glad we did because you absolutely loved it last time we went. I think you are finally old enough to understand and enjoy it. You called everything a doggy and barked at all of the animals and you took a strange liking to a rogue chicken. I have a strange feeling that there will be many trips to the zoo this summer.

I have always enjoyed dressing you up in cute outfits, but you are really starting to get an opinion about not wanting your hair done even though I still do it because you look like a ragamuffin otherwise. Your favorite game is how fast can I pull my hair out, but thanks to Mrs. Julie we are now the proud owners of hairbands that are almost impossible for you to pull out. You are also obsessed with shoes especially my running shoes and their laces.

In only a few short months you will be 2 and I am not sure this Mama's heart can handle that. I can't wait to spend all summer with you and create even more memories.

I love you Punkin Head

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