Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What We Ate and Why My Husband is A Weirdo

Mckinley and I LOVED our new recipe tonight. Daddy, not so much. I honestly thought he would like it except for the brussel sprouts which we were all trying for the first time, but I was completely wrong and misjudged my husbands adventurous taste buds. Thankfully my child loves food like her Mama and gobbled hers up. I pray she always eats like a champ and still eat fruit like candy 

Since I am trying to eat clean these days I wanted to shake things up and try something new. I was determined to try something with brussel sprouts and I picked up a few at the store last week and every time I open the fridge they just stared back at me begging to be cooked. I couldn't bare to let them go bad so I had Brent pick me up some fresh chicken last night from Fresh Market so I could make this
Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Apple Skillet
I am now in love with brussel sprouts and will be roasting some next week for a side dish instead of my usual broccoli, asparagus, or squash. They kind of taste like tiny cabbages with a crispier texture. I highly recommend this recipe because it was very easy to make and very easy to clean up since I only used 1 pan. I will definitely make it again for the girl and I when daddy works late.

I am planning on starting my bi weekly meal planning starting tomorrow because I miss being prepared ahead of time and not having to scramble to make something delicious and nutritious  I am slowly working on a little kitchen cooking and cleaning command center and hopefully when  I finish I will have somewhere to keep up with everything and I won't feel overwhelmed.

Now, if only I could get these 2 giant stacks of papers filed away and my office/dog room organized I would be able to feel like I can breath. Can someone loan me a maid for a day?? It would probably only take her an hour or two to clean our tiny little house.

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