Thursday, February 28, 2013

Still Around

I have about 30 posts started, but i just can't seem to finish any of them. I haven't been online much these past few weeks, but I am still around. I have been a little sick, a little tired, a little busy, and a little discombobulated, but I am back on track now. 

My house is cleaner than it has been in quite some time and I am currently working on a simple cleaning schedule and I am hoping if I can get the small everyday stuff done with 1 big task then I can get into a good routine. My schedule right now goes a little something like this: I am loading dishes in the evening after cooking dinner, unloading in the morning and letting the super wet stuff air dry then when I get home I put all of that stuff away. I am sweeping and spot moping daily, vacuuming every other day, and then you have the packing lunches, setting out clothes, loading diaper bags, and of course cleaning up after the trail of disaster the munchkin leaves in her wake so I guess you could say I have somewhat of a schedule, but having a visual that I can check off after each task is complete will make things even easier for this busy mama

The things that I am really making a schedule for will be the tub, toilet, baseboards, things I sometimes forget about until it is pretty evident that they need a little TLC. After a full day of work, manning the munchkin, and cooking dinner, getting all of this done everyday eats up the last bit of energy I have, but my house has never looked better so I guess it is worth it. 

So I am here I haven't gone away especially since I haven't finished Mckinley's 19 month update. I will hopefully finish a few of the posts just sitting on my sad post list.

For now I please enjoy this collage of my wild child at the zoo this past weekend.

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