Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Miles Go By

Just in case this doesn't happen again for a while I wanted to document what I think is a pretty big milestone!
Mckinley woke up dry this morning after sleeping from 8:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.!!! We have been so hit or miss with pottying these days that i was shocked to take off a non pee soaked 20 pound diaper. She is actually wearing the same diaper again tonight and I am hoping since she peed so much in the diaper I changed her out of and then peed on the potty right before going down that she will once again wake up dry as a bone. 

One more thing I just had to write down before I forget it how much I love it when she says Thank You. We have really worked on her saying please when she wants something and not screaming to get what she wants and then saying thank you after. I love that I rarely have to prompt her to say with now, but it is her little "Tank You" that just melts my Mama heart. She is wild, but she is wonderful.

One last brag on my girl because as a preschool teacher one of my main goals is to prepare my babies to be successful in Kindergarten and writing is a big skill we teach. It amazed me that my girl just naturally held her crayons correctly. I honestly believe those giant crayons and markers are crap and they are what screws up kids grip. So from a preschool teacher who teaches handwriting the smaller the writing utensil the better. Go out and get your kids some crayons and break them in thirds and then let them color because that will teach them the correct grip because the smaller the piece the lower they have to hold the utensil and they have to use their fingertips and not their fists.

My big girl loves to color at her big girl desk. And then she loves to tump over the entire desk and throw all of her crayons on the couch to watch them bounce.
Fun times. Fun times.

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Mrs. K said...

Yay, Mckinley! =) I can't believe how big our babies are getting.