Saturday, February 23, 2013

PreK Days {Ms. U & U.S.A}

{Weekly Wrap Up}

I am DYING for next week to get here because Dr. Seuss week is one of my all time favorites during the year! But since I am so behind in my PreK Days posts I am going to start with our most recent week and work my way backwards. 

Last week we celebrated President's Day and learned all about the United States of America. We also met our newest letter friend Ms. U. We learned that the letter U can make two different sounds. We didn't get into the long u short, but we learned that Letter U either says -you or -uh. 

I have really gotten into creating my own Smart Board lessons because I feel like I can't ever find exactly what I want for my uber smart babies. They are only 4 and 5, but they have such a thirst for knowledge and I love  giving it to them. We of course learned about The first president George Washington and the 16th presidents Abraham Lincoln since they are the whole reason we celebrate President's Day. Then we couldn't leave out our current president Barack Obama. I love hearing my kids say his name because no one can say it right and it is just so darn cute. We also watched 3 short videos about Ole George and Abe.

Even though we had a 4 day week this week we still worked on jobs with an extra friend or 2 at each table we were able to get all 4 rotated through everyone.

We created our very own American Flags by tearing paper (great fine motor skill).

We matched Cherry Trees. This was actually a job from our Apple Lesson, but it went perfectly with this weeks lesson.
(Gotta get a picture of those)

We created Presidential Portraits of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln (I will have to make sure to take a picture of Ole Honest Abe. not sure how I forget to get a quick pic of him). Notice George's beautiful eyelashes. My kids ahve a fascination with drawing teeth and lashes lately.

After learning about Abraham Lincoln the next day we played a game called "What's Under Lincoln's Hat?" I showed them then hid 5 different objects under the hat and then removed 1 object and they ahd to guess what was missing.  After everyone got a turn we drew self portraits of ourselves in tall black hats and transcribed what we would hide  under our hats.
Part of our Presidential Smart Board Lesson was looking at the different coins each president was featured on so we Sorted Some Coins. I meant to bring real coins for them to sort along with the work sheet, but I had a true teacher fail and forgot them. I can admit when I screw up and my kids will remind me over and over and over and over and over each time I forget to do something.

We couldn't forget to make our Umbrella U.

I had everything ready to make Ole Abe's Log Cabin, but a 4 day week really cuts down our craft time. I would rather not have these random days off and just go to school because I feel like we don't have enough time as it is to get everything done as it is. I still think we should get rid of nap time. Just think of all the craft time we would have!

We talked a lot about who could be president one day and to top it off we made our own President Masks.
They were a little top heavy, but still super cute.

This week flew by, but we had a bunch of fun learning about our beautiful country. I can';t wait to share the fun stuff we cooked up for next week. Get ready for some Seustastical  Fun!! Be on the look out for my Pippy Long Stockings costume!

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