Monday, March 4, 2013


I think I might be more excited about my sister getting married than I ever did for my own wedding. I was a nervous nelly through out the entire process and I had to do it all with PINTEREST! I know I heard a few gasps from you ladies planning your weddings now and yes I am quite perturbed that couldn't pre plan my wedding like y'all have been able too, but if wishes were fishes right. I actually didn't have to do much because my awesome mama was my planner and she kind of just gets me (she did birth me) and everything she had always dreamed of doing for a wedding was exactly what I wanted. There were a few glitches like wrong entrance doors, but if that was the 1 glitch on my wedding day then we made it out pretty unscathed.

Now I just get to sit back and be the moral support /tissue/carrier/ errand girl which I am super excited and can't wait to be at every beck and call!! I am already panicking about making a speech and yes I am already planning on drinking wine and or champagne before hand, but enough about me and on to the happy couple. 

I knew things were different this time around and it just felt right and no I am not saying this because I have to, but because it is true. From the beginning when my sister met Jeff I could just tell she was happy and like I always say relationships aren't supposed to be hard. Yes you have to work at the relationship, but to me life with your love, bff, husband, significant other, or whatever you call your "person" should just fit and Jeff and Jennifer just fit.

Like I told him the day the got back from their engagement weekend, "I hope you know what you are getting yourself into and you aren't just marrying Jennifer you are marrying all of us." To which he replied "well you guys are stuck with me now too." I knew I liked him and it's not just because he can match me for smart-assness (yes that is a hyphenated word).

The plans are already in the works and the date has been set and I am happy to say I will be sharing my wedding anniversary with my best friend and sister and I am thankful that I won't have to remember another important date because I already have a hard enough time remembering all the other ones floating around in my head. Yes I know none of this is about me, but I panic at public speaking and once almost flipped over a table in a room full of parents so I have every reason to panic.

I am just so excited to see my sister so happy and to know that someone will put up with her for the rest of her life. if you know us you know the women in our family can kind of be PITA's, but thankfully there is someone for everyone and she has met her match. Thankfully they both have an aversion to feet so they will be ok. I kid you guys and I am so so so happy for y'all!

I love you Jennifer and Jeff and I can't wait to go on the journey with y'all and see what the future holds for y'all.

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